Post 05.14.14 – So Long, Spring 2014 Interns!

By Sarah Dawes Murphy, Marketing Communications Executive

Ah, May. The end of the academic semester. The time when Madison+Main-iacs try to squeeze work into every last second our out-going interns spend still roaming the first floor of 101 E. Cary. Cruel? Maybe. But we’re really just prepping for what I’ve come to call, “The Intern Void”—that week or two between semesters when one set of interns has already left and the next group has yet to start. The Intern Void is chaotic and maddening, with everyone trying to remember how to properly answer phones and get their own coffee. That’s why we’ve found it best to prepare.

In all seriousness though, we truly consider each group of interns to be like employees here at Madison+Main, so it’s always tough watching them leave. We had a particularly memorable group this spring, and if their future employers were to call me asking for just three adjectives to describe them each, I would say:

Brandon: Inquisitive, Ambitious, Focused
Rocky: Bold, Creative, Surprising
Kristen: Quick-thinking, Determined, Kind
Josh: Curious, Thoughtful, Motivated

Many, many thanks for all of your hard work this semester, guys. You’re already missed!