Duct Tape Fixes Anything


My Dad was a great dad. He was great at photography and woodworking. He was an incredible arson investigator and Fire Marshall. And around the house, he could fix anything…with duct tape. Maybe it’s a Southern thing, but I learned long ago that you always have a big roll of duct tape in your toolbox.


Apparently, they used duct tape on the Apollo mission, and my son Jack still has a couple of duct tape wallets he made when he was a kid. Remember The Martian? Thank goodness for duct tape — it saved Matt Damon’s poo-tatoes.


It’s tough. It’s flexible. It’s versatile. And you can fix just about anything…except a bruised ego. Onboard the Tug Life a few days ago I backed out of a tight marina and into my neighbor’s sailboat anchor — smashing the back window of the boat. I fixed it with half a roll of, you guessed it, duct tape.


This week, our tough, flexible, and versatile Office Manager Mollie Banks celebrated her 1st anniversary with Madison+Main. She’s helped me tremendously this past year. She’s helped our company hold it all together through COVID-19. She’s our duct tape.


There’s always someone on your team that is the duct tape — someone who can fix anything. A person who makes a plan and sticks to it. The one that helps you patch things up and gets you out of a sticky situation.


Now Mollie, can you find me a boat window repair shop in Daytona Beach?


Monday, January 4 — Mollie Molly Monday


It was Molly/Mollie Monday! Try and say that three times fast. Our Fearless Leader, Molly Whitfield, and Rockstar Office Manager, Mollie Banks, stole the show this Monday.
As you read above, Mollie with an “ie” had her one-year review and earned our gratitude. Molly with a “y” was featured in RichmondBizSense in the 2020 roundup of people who inspired us this year — and boy, oh boy, did she. She tackled a year filled with uncertainty and guided us to our biggest year in company history.

Mollie Banks and Molly Whitfield

Tuesday, January 5 — Phone A Friend…After That Errand

Everywhere you look these days, everyone is on their phones. Whether you’re at work, at a restaurant, at a backyard BBQ, or even sitting in traffic. This month, the Commonwealth of Virginia passed a law that bans holding a handheld personal communications device (i.e. that smartphone you’re probably reading this newsletter on) while driving a motor vehicle. Our carpool pals at Drive Smart Virginia worked tirelessly on getting this law passed and recently put out this handy dandy PSA video to remind us to keep those phones down. We had a blast helping them create the new spot!



Wednesday, January 6 — Bold Stuff

Recently, Madison+Main has been doing a little self-promotion on Facebook to highlight our amazing year. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing clients and we wanted to share that love. Check out our page these coming weeks for some of the GIFs we created for the posts — like this one seen here! You may have already interacted with them if you’ve been in the radius of our location targeting, but if not, and you do come across them, throw us a Like!

Madison+Main Facebook

Thursday, January 7 — Big Fan Of Renewable Energy

Did you know that Sunday, January 10th is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day? Our friends at Virginia Energy Sense offer Virginians simple and cost-effective tips to use energy more efficiently at home, work, and school. So this Sunday, and maybe every other day, remember to turn those lights off, free up your outlets, use power strips, and maybe even switch to LEDs!


Friday, January 8 — Great Day At Ginter Park!


This week, our client Pinnacle Living, a premier retirement community, made the news — with some pretty important news — they are starting to vaccinate their Hermitage Richmond residents and team members! Today, our Communications Director, Kent Brockwell, was on-site for a press conference with CEO Chris Henderson and several local news outlets. He even got to witness their Assistant Director of Nursing get the first jab. If there are any extra shots, I’ll take one! Me! Me!

Pinnacle Living Press Conference

A Few of Our Favorite Events

CowanGates Memorial Blood Drive

13620 W Salisbury Rd. | Midlothian, VA 23113

February 16 | 2 – 6 p.m.


CowanGates, in partnership with Village Bank, is sponsoring a blood drive at Salisbury Country Club. Bring your mask and donate — giving blood will help save a life. Sign up today!

Got an upcoming event you want to share? Can we come? Send us the deets!


“Of course duct tape works in a near-vacuum. Duct tape works anywhere. Duct tape is magic and should be worshipped.” — Mark Watney, The Martian (2015)