We Have MORE Good News To Share!



Hey folks,


We are currently taking a different approach to the Weekly Report. A few weeks ago, we were inspired by actor John Krasinski’s YouTube channel called Some Good News. If you haven’t seen this yet, do yourself a favor and go there now to see inspiring stories of how Americans have rallied to defeat “the invisible enemy” a.k.a. COVID-19. At Madison+Main, we’re all about good news. Making good news and sharing good news is what we do for a living.


The first piece of good news I wanted to share is that this is NOT ANOTHER COVID-19 EMAIL. Trust me, I have received 137 emails this week from companies I didn’t know existed, telling me what they’re doing to combat the virus. Turns out, they’re not doing much. I swear if another person tells me to wash my hands or stay six feet away from other human beings, I am going to drown them in a bucket of hand sanitizer. 


The second piece of good news that I wanted to share was that it’s FRIDAY, or as the Madison+Main-iacs call it FRI-YAY. If you’re like me, you may have lost track of time recently, so I’ve created a little timeline to give you some perspective.


  • It’s been 87 days since the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in the U.S.
  • It’s been 35 days of official “work-from-home” for the Madison+Main-iacs.
  • The CDC believes that COVID-19 will reach its peak in 1 day.
  • Virginia will be locked down for another 54 days. #Booo
  • It’s been 0 days since I’ve had an alcoholic beverage. 


And for those of you keeping score at home, earlier today we held our fourth Free Small Biz MarCom Webinar on Facebook Live and have 299 views so far. Last week I shared with you many of the amazing things that our clients, friends, and partners have been accomplishing recently. This week was no exception. 



  • A. Smith Bowman Distillery continues making news with their hand sanitizer and in addition to making and delivering a new batch, they have just made bourbon lovers happy all over the Commonwealth. The Virginia ABC Board has allowed the state’s distillers to sell products online and ship to those 21 and older in Virginia. We launched the online shop Wednesday afternoon and the client reports that sales shot up dramatically. 


  • On Wednesday, our intrepid Communications Director Kent “Don’t Need No Face Mask” Brockwell accepted a donation of hand sanitizer and grain alcohol for cleaning supplies from our friends at A. Smith Bowman Distillery on behalf of another client, Housing Families First. #PeopleHelpingPeople


  • There are reports all over RVA of citizens banding together to help us all get through these trying times. This week, our friend Julia Groom from the Virginia Diabetes Council banded together with other residents of the Greater Stonehenge Civic Association to deliver freshly prepared meals from area restaurants who have been affected by the shutdown and delivered them to hardworking health care workers at Johnston-Willis Hospital. The initiative was featured on WTVR Channel 6



  • Bernice Sim, along with friends Tim Meacham and Yael Sheldon have created a very cool Facebook group called Helping Each Other in RVA. The group was created 30 days ago and has almost 4,000 members comprised of residents and business owners in the greater Richmond region. The mission of the page is to support one another, publish resources, and share ideas on how to help those most affected by COVID-19. The page is a great resource for many things — from acquiring hard-to-find items like TP and hand sanitizer to connecting people who have resources to those who don’t. 


  • The Magnificent Midlothian Rotary Club has made over 700 reusable cloth face masks and distributed them to firefighters, police officers, and health care workers around the Richmond area. My good friend and Aflac representative Bobby Kelland dropped masks off for VCU Health twice this week. #GoBobbyGo The fundraiser I put up on GoFundMe has raised more than $800 in just 12 days. Below is a photo taken by Bobby that includes Associate VP Rich Sliwoski and Director of Staff Operations Roxanne Razo of the VCU Health Facilities Management Department.




“A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in.”

— Nicole Snow