The Disappearing Phone Booth | Weekly Report for July 20, 2018

The Disappearing Phone Booth


Inspiration comes from the strangest places. This morning — staring at a blank screen — I wondered, “What am I going to ramble on about this week?.” And then a Facebook “memory” popped up from years ago. It was me, pretending I was making a phone call in a pretend English accent, in a real red phone booth on the tiny Isle of Man, where my Susie is currently in hiding. “Hello?, Hallo?…”

The phone booth, or call box as they call them on the other side of the pond, is no longer there. There are only 40,000 call boxes left in the British Isles, and they are selling half of them to the public. You can buy your British call box here.


In 1999, there were almost 2 million phone booths in America. Today, less than 50,000 (and half of these are in New York. I can only recall seeing one phone booth in America in the past 10 years — last week in beautiful, downtown Kilmarnock. The phone booth didn’t have a phone in it and was filled with trash.


The proliferation of cell phones is the obvious reason for the decline in number of payphones. I get it. Technology marches forward and some things remain relics of the past.

Still I wonder, if we need Superman to come and save us, where will Clark Kent go to change his clothes?


Hello? Hallo?



Monday, July 16 – Above & Beyond


We had a very big MMMMM (Madison+Main Monday Morning Meeting). At the meeting we announced Haleigh “See Ya” Lader’s promotion to Account Executive. Haleigh is all business, so she didn’t stop to celebrate. She just ran upstairs and jumped on a conference call. We also have a tradition of giving away a $50 Visa Cash Card as a “thank you” to a team member who goes “Above & Beyond.” Last Week the votes were split evenly between Graphic Designer Erin Rebman and Sr. Graphic Designer Carissa Ghaffari. Erin knocked it out of the park on her Madison+Main-iac University presentation and Carissa who worked overtime getting an ad done for a client. Not only did they agree to split the award, they bought their co-workers lunch with gift card. #IWorkWithGREATPeople


My buddy Jeff Crook – a longtime reader of The Weekly Report and long suffering UR Spider Fan – will be absolutely delighted to learn that he’s been featured in this newsletter 2 weeks in a row. Jeff dropped by Monday to talk business after “slaying the bay” with me last Friday.




Tuesday, July 17 – R&R


This week I had half a dozen people ask me when I’m going on vacation next. They told me The Weekly Report is so much funnier when Kent Brockwell puts embarrassing photos of me in it when I’m on vacation. Kent is on a much-needed vacation himself, so here’s a little payback.

Kent Brockwell is busy product testing the new line

of Eno Doublenest hammocks this week in Myrtle Beach.




Wednesday, July 18 – Mixing It Up


Our July Media Mixer was a huge hit and I was especially happy to see two of favorite Morning Show guys stay up a little past bedtime to make it to Morton’s. Jeff Wicker, host of Wicker in the Morning on Mix 98.1 and John Reid, host of Richmond’s Morning News dropped by to mix and mingle with friends, clients and other members of the media. Special thanks to Kristin, Alex and Noel at Morton’s for being such gracious hosts. By the way, if you are looking at hosting an event/party/company dinner, you really need to call Noel at Morton’s – 804-648-1662


Creative Director Art Webb entertains Donovon Ghaffari

at Wednesday night’s Media Mixer.




Thursday, July 19 – Getting the Band Back Together


The only thing better than a happy client is a 3-year contract renewal with a happy client. On Thursday, we “got the band back together” as our friends from Burson-Marsteller, Alliance Group and Madison+Main joined together to meet with Andy Farmer, Information Resources Manager and Paul Brockwell, Sr. Information Resources Specialist as we made plans for another year of marketing the Virginia Energy Sense Value Your Power program. Value Your Power is statewide energy education and outreach program with a goal to reduce electricity consumption by 10% by 2020. Learn more about it from my good friend Jack.


The World Cup might be over, but FC Richmond is still focussed on futbol. We created a brand new video for them this week, which teaches youth players how to “Master the Maradonna.” It already has 3,900 hits! See the fancy footwork here.






CowanGates & Salisbury Country Club Memorial Blood Drive

BloodMobile at CowanGates

Friday, July 20 | 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Our friends at CowanGates are hosting their annual blood drive in Chesterfield County to support Virginia Blood Services! Join us at CowanGates (1930 Huguenot Road, Richmond, VA 23235) from 10-2 p.m. to give blood and show your support. Sign up today! Sign up today!


Cards, Dice & Delights

Springdale at Lucy Corr

Thursday, August 23


Make a date with Lady Luck at Lucy Corr! On Thursday, August 23 from 2 – 4 p.m, Springdale at Lucy Corr is hosting a casino-themed afternoon of fun, food, door prizes, and fabulous games. Plus, when you need to take a break from the action on our casino floor, we’ll be offering tours of our spacious, maintenance-free apartments and cottages. Stop by for a fun-filled and informative afternoon and see what stress-free, active, independent living is all about!




Friday, July 20 – Blood, Sweat & Tears


Most clients get the sweat of my brow, some get tears, but only CowanGates gets my blood. I dropped by and gave a pint at the Frank Cowan Memorial Blood Drive today during lunch. I got crackers, a free t-shirt and a sense that I’m actually doing something to help. Thanks to Virginia Blood Services and Salisbury Country Club for co-sponsoring this worthwhile event.


“Step inside the booth, Superman is alive,”


– Jay-Z