Top 10 Hotdogs in America


Hot Dog season kicks off Monday, with Americans consuming 7 billion between Memorial Day and Labor Day, or about 818 hotdogs per second.


The Internet loves “Top Ten Lists” and I love hotdogs, so this was bound to happen. Lucky for you my hands-on, definitive, undeniable list of the ‘Top 10 Hotdogs in America’ is now available and free for you, just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. Walter’s – Mamaroneck, NY

Not many hotdog stands have been recognized as a National Historic Landmark, but “it wouldn’t be summer without a Walter’s.” Founded in 1919, this pagoda on the side on the road has long lines for delicious dogs slathered in a house-made mustard.

  1. Pink’s – Los Angeles, CA

I once waited in line for an hour for a hot dog at Pink’s on La Brea Blvd. And people who know me, realized I don’t wait more than 10 minutes for anything. In a city with more than 1,000 restaurants, including Spago and Nobu, Pink’s ranks #10 on Trip Advisor in L.A. I once saw a drunk John Cusack chowing down on a dog there at 2 a.m.. Apparently, Betty White is a big fan too.

  1. Hot Dog World – Henderson, NC

One of the best chili/slaw dogs I’ve ever had was at this little side of the road place in Henderson, and it was one of the best values too. $1.79 will get you one the best in USA. Try it if you’re near Asheville or west of Charlotte. It’s worth the drive. From anywhere. Nice folks too.

  1. Wolfy’s – Chicago, Illinois

I was never a fan of the Chicago-style hot dog, until I tried Wolfy’s on a visit of the Windy City.

  1. Varsity – Atlanta, Georgia

I’ve heard about this chain in Hotlanta for a loooooong time, and finally got my chance to try it last June at the Rotary International Convention. I ate there three times in 4 days. “What’ll ya have?”

  1. Jody Maroni’s Sausage Kingdom – Venice Beach

Since 1969, Jody Maroni has been the King of Venice Beach, even before Ahnold Schwarzenegger made ‘Muscle Beach’ famous. JMSK is the home of the “Haut Dog.” Normally, I like my hot dog with standard fixins, but Jody Maroni – may God bless him or her – changed my mind and “pumped me up” with toppings that I never dreamed of. #ArugulaHorseradishCream

  1. Dat Dog – New Orleans

During several visits to the French Quarter, I have devoured several amazing hot dogs at Dat Dog. My memory is hazy, but the pictures I took suggested that I really, really enjoyed them. Even the very picky people on Yelp like them, and that’s saying something.

  1. Sam’s Hot Dog Stand – Mechanicsville, Va

Sam’s Hot Dog Stand is near the top of my list, and my go-to here in RVA. Super nice folks, and you get an amaaazing slaw dog with spicy chili there. Yes, it’s chain and I don’t like chains, but I’ll make an exception here.

  1. Texas Inn – Lynchburg, Va

Since 1935, the tiny Texas Inn has served “150 people, 15 at a time.” Better known, perhaps, for their bowls of chili and their signature Western Sandwich, the “T Room” serves a world-class hotdog with a yellow, Virginia-style relish that is frequently copied, but it’s never as good as the original. The best part might be the price: Food & Wine voted it one of America’s Best Food Values.

  1. Moore’s Country Store

So here we are, #1. Ta-da! The BEST hotdog in America in my not-so-humble-opinion comes from Moore’s Country Store, on US Rt. 460 in the tiny hamlet of Mt. Athos, Virginia. This old school country store has an old oak tree growing through the roof and its parking lot is full — morning, noon and night — with people who buys Moore’s Famous Chili Dogs by the bagful.


Apparently Betty White is also a Pink’s Hot Dogs fan



Monday, May 21 – Restoration 1


On Monday, after a busy day, I managed to meet up with friend, Rotarian and fellow church council member Ben Handzel for a couple of Buds at The Great American Ranch, a new country-themed place near Woodlake. Ben started his business Restoration 1 last year, and we talked about ways to get more clients. One idea I had was giving him a shout out in the Weekly Report. Ben and his team did an AMAZING job for us when Graphic Designer Erin Rebmann clogged the drain with spoiled milk last year. If you have water (or milk) damage, call Ben at 804-293-1832. Here’s another way to help Ben get his new biz off the ground…having YOU go “like” his Facebook page.


Tuesday, May 22 – They Gave All


On Tuesday morning, at the magnificent Midlothian Rotary Club meeting, we were reminded the reason we celebrate Memorial Day, when we heard from Paul Levengood VP of Development for the Virginia War Memorial Foundation. Paul delivered a great talk, and I was delighted to find out he is a fellow Rotarian.

You can honor those who served this weekend by running in their “They Gave All” 5K Race.


Wednesday, May 23 – Welcome!


On Wednesday we welcomed a new client! I’m thrilled to announce that Southern Goodman has just signed Madison+Main as it’s Agency of Record. We can’t wait to work with this friendly folks at this fast-growing Powhatan-based company. We see perfect weather in your indoor forecast!



Thursday, May 24 – PRSA = YAY


What do Bold Brands do, you ask? They WIN. Congrats to the Madison+Main-iacs, especially Creative Director Art Webb, Sr. Account Manager Kaitlin Riddle, Communications Manager Kent Brockwell, and Graphic Designer Erin Rebmann. They attended the Virginia PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) Awards with me Thursday night, where we “brought home the hardware” – a coveted Commonwealth Award for work we’ve done with Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General. #BoldBrandsWin


Kent, Art, Kaitlin & Erin are BIG winners in my book!





CrossKeys Vineyards 10-Year Anniversary BBQ

CrossKeys Vineyard | Mt. Crawford, VA

Saturday, May 26  | 12 – 8 p.m.


Join me at CrossKeys Vineyards this Memorial Day weekend as they celebrate their 10th anniversary with award-winning wines, exquisite food, and great events! Chow down on Smoked & Oaked Barbecue tomorrow with live music from Morgan Dean. Make your reservations today.


Boxer Brief 5K

Stoney Point Fashion Park

Saturday, June 9


The Boxer Brief 5K is Hitting Cancer Below the Belt’s (HCB2’s) largest awareness and fundraising event which attracts over 400 participants each year.  Participants are encouraged to dress their bum and come out to run making this a very entertaining good time.  Fun for all ages as there is a free kids 1/2 mile race, the “Caped Colon Crusader” Run for children under the age of eight. Plenty of music, active vendors, entertaining costumes and cute kids in capes — just a great morning as we bring awareness to colon cancer prevention. Email info@HCB2.org or visit HCB2.org for more information.



Friday, May 25 – Peace Out


I’m skee-daddling early just like you, but before I go….I hope you have a GREAT, SAFE and RELAXING Memorial Day Weekend.


Talk to you next week.



“Some people wanted champagne and caviar, when they should have had beer and hot dogs.”

– President Dwight D. Eisenhower