1998 | Weekly Report for April 13, 2018



Tempus fugit. Time flies. Sometimes I feel as though the last 20 years have just flown by. For my daughter Hattie, 20 years seems like a lifetime. She was born in August of 1998 so that makes perfect sense. I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune that year too, but that feels like a lifetime ago. #truestory


Google was also born in 1998. For me, the same duality exists when I think of Google. Some days I feel the same awe and wonder as when I first discovered it. Other days, it’s just the same old place I go for info, perhaps dozens of times each day.


When historians look back on this glorious age of scientific advancement and technological achievement, I think they might call it The Google Age. Think about it. Since 1998, we have had instant access to information, not only news and content, but the sum total of mankind’s knowledge to this point. Google indexed everything, made it searchable and then gave us the most relevant result (in 0.54 seconds). In my mind, it might be the greatest invention of a lifetime, or at least the last 20 years.


So why do people keep asking me questions every day that could have been answered by Google? Seriously, how many times a day does someone ask you something instead of Googling it? Allow me to introduce you to an amazing app called Let Me Google That For You. The next time someone asks you a random question, such as “What are hot cross buns?” you can simply send them here.


Monday, April 9 – Shark Tank


As you may recall the fish at Madison+Main didn’t survive the winter, but on Monday, we got two new micro-catfish to clean off the algae that was starting to form on the tank. Team members have long lamented the fact that I name fish after them. They get worried when the fish die….”do I still have a job if the fish died?” Art the Coy and Kent the Catfish may have met their maker recently, but never fear the real Art and Kent are still working hard at M+M. Please welcome our latest residents, Bart and Trent.

My cousin Sheila Carden pranked me with this message

while I was on vacation, and may have scarred my intern for life.



Tuesday, April 10 – I’m baaaaaaa-aaaack!


Just like a bad rash, I keep coming back…and you can’t get rid of me. On Tuesday I eased back into the work-flow, and discovered things run more smoothly when I’m OOO. The last two weeks are a blur, partly because I spent 10 days on a cruise ship. Many thanks to the kids at Madison+Main for stepping in and producing the Weekly Report. In fact, they probably did a better job than me. We got more than 30 email compliments and comments of support. Maybe I should go away and vacay more often. #hmmmm


After a warm welcome back at Rotary on Tuesday, I sprinted across town to The Brandermill Church, where I presented my 3rd seminar for the Presbytery of the James, this time on PR. The crowd went wild. All 11 of them.


I also ended the day with some great Rotarians, as we dropped by to support our friend Leslie Haley at Tazza Kitchen, to kick off her re-election to the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors.



If 7 club members meet for drinks, is that considered a “make-up” meeting?

(Pictured L to R) Will Shewmake, Karen Scherzer, Robbin Kolbe, Cabell Singleton,

Yours Truly, Chris Winslow and Dunn Dillard.




Wednesday, April 11 – Catching Up


On Wednesday I was able to catch up with an old pal Matt Dira. Matt dropped by the office, got the 50 cent tour and we reminisced about the good old days. Of course, he is a lot younger than me, so it wasn’t that long ago.


Meanwhile in Hokieland, our client Drive Smart Virginia announced their new partnership with Virginia Tech Athletics, and we are proud to present the “What’s Your Game Plan?” program to football and baseball fans this spring, beginning with VT’s Spring game tomorrow, April 14th. There’s alot of buzz going on! Be sure to check this story on Roanoke’s WDBJ Channel 7, where Drive Smart Executive Director Janet Brooking did a great job explaining the new program.


Thursday, April 12 – OOO


Even though I was OOO on Thursday, things kept rolling at M+M, with our new client Commonwealth Dentistry getting a brand new logo. Ta da!





Having a colonoscopy is not that big of a deal. On Thursday, I had my 2nd. #woohoo


That reminds me…in case you didn’t know Madison+Main supports HCB2, Hitting Cancer Below The Belt with pro bono marketing support, so I hope you don’t mind this public service announcement in the middle of this missive: Get a screened before you turn 50! Learn more at www.HCB2.org.


Also, YOU are invited to Social 52 on Tuesday, April 23rd for the “Love Your Gut, Protect Your Butt” social fundraiser! RSVP here.






WhosYourDriver.org Race Weekend

Richmond Raceway

April 20-21


NASCAR action is headed back to Richmond Raceway on April 20-21 for the Toyotacare 250 and the Toyota Owners 400 and we’ll be there supporting our client DRIVE SMART Virginia! Don’t miss your chance to check out the ultimate in short-track racing and visit the Who’s Your Driver display to say hi and learn how to make Virginia’s roads safer! Get your tickets to the race today!


FC Richmond Travel Soccer Tryouts

Huguenot Park

April 22 – 30


Registration for travel soccer tryouts is now open!  Tryouts are April 22nd – April 30th. All the information to kick some grass is on  FC Richmond‘s website.


Hitting Cancer Below the Belt: Love your Gut, Protect your Butt

Social 52 Gathering & Raffle

April 24


Looking for a tasty place to eat or enjoy a drink? Like winning prizes and helping an important cause? If so, join our friends over at HCB2 at Social 52 on April 24th, from 4 PM – 7 PM for HAPPY HOUR! Proceeds go towards LOCAL efforts in colon cancer PREVENTION and attendants will be entered in a gift card raffle! RSVP here!



Leadercast Richmond 2018

Parkway Baptist Church

May 4


Leadercast Live is the largest one-day leadership event in the world. It is a pairing of inspiring messages and rich interaction with fellow leaders who are being intentional about raising their standard of leadership, through a creative, energetic and memorable experience. Our friends over at Leadercast have set up a special discount code for all of our readers! Simply enter “MM” at checkout for a $10 discount! Get your tickets today!



Friday, April 13 – Come feel the fire!


Today I am absolutely overjoyed to announce that my long time friends Connie Maier & Mark James, owners of Hearth & Home Shoppe, have chosen Madison+Main as their new agency of record. Get ready, we will be cranking up the heat on Hearth & Home Shoppe’s marketing in the next few months. #staytuned




Graphic Designer Erin Rebmann sniffs Business Manager Brandy Seay’s

new donut sprinkle shoes…which apparently smell like strawberries. Get yours at www.ShoeBakery.com.




“We’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. It’s miserable and magical, oh yeah. Tonight’s the night when we forget about the deadlines. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22. Everything will be alright, if you keep me next to you.”


– 22, by Taylor Swift