Madison+Main’s Weekly Report- Friday, October 16

A Slow News Day

Hey Folks,
While many of you were distracted by non-news this week, we were busy… even on a slow news day. To me, it’s funny how we have more access to information than ever and fewer people that access the important information. Our social media feeds are full of salacious details of reality TV stars in Nevada brothels, the former Speaker of the House convicted of paying off sexual abuse victims, and the story about the TSA roughing up a TS as he/she passed through airport security. #anomaly

Meanwhile one of the most important stories of our lives went virtually uncovered, relegated to magazines like The Atlantic and foreign newspapers like The Independent. Astronomers at some of the world’s most prestigious universities (Yale, Penn State, Berkley, etc.) have joined forces with SETI and the Royal Astronomical Society to examine KIC 8462852, a distant star with a very unusual flickering habit. Many believe this star has “an alien-built megastructure” around it.

Yes, scientists found proof of life in another galaxy. Perhaps it wasn’t a slow news day after all.

Monday, October 12th – On Monday I started catching up on overdue meetings that were postponed during the big bike races, beginning with Mark Andrews & Kurt Steinbock. Mark is a communications consultant and friend who introduced me to Kurt, a long time creative copywriter. It was good connecting with both and eating drunken noodles, but not drinking.

Tuesday, October 13th – On Tuesday we worked on the awesome sequel to YardWorks‘ award winning “Weekend Warrior” TV campaign, tentatively titled “Weekend Warrior Princess.” Special thanks to our friends at Broadscope Media and our client Bill Stinson, who graciously provided his front yard for the YardWorks shoot. Our friend Barry Ellenberger reprises his role as the Weekend Warrior and 6-year-old Addison steals the show.
Billy gets a pic with the star of the show.


Wednesday, October 14th – On Wednesday I had another race-delayed lunch meeting with my friend Amie McClain Carter. Amie, previously news anchor on 8News Good Morning Richmond, is now Reverend Amie and the executive media director at Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries. It was good to see Amie and get a tour of one of the biggest churches I’ve ever seen. They are doing great things at Mt. Gilead and Amie is a big part of that. Learn more about their mission here.

Amie is reporting on different news at Mt. Gilead… the Good News!

On Wednesday we finalized the artwork for our 6th Annual Chili Cookoff. Madison+Main clients and partners battle each other for Richmond’s best chili cookoff trophies. There will be plenty of beer, lots of fun and special celebrity judges. It happens on Wednesday, November 11th, so save the date! Or better yet, click here and let us know that you are coming.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 2.00.30 PM
Kaity, Lindsey, Kaitlin and their new friends press on at Worth Higgins Wednesday night.

Bayonet Media, who is based in Indianapolis, IN was in town to film their documentary film entitled Pressing On: The Letterpress Film.

Thursday, October 15th – On Thursday afternoon, we had a great meeting with Shawn, owner of The Maid Crew. The Maid Crew has been cleaning our office for the last 2 years and they do a great job. If you need house cleaning or commercial cleaning services, be sure to check out their website here.

On Thursday we presented our latest creative web ad concepts to our clients at the Office of the Attorney General. We are creating an ad campaign that seeks to create awareness and help those who are victims of human trafficking. They loved the ads and you will see them soon on a computer screen near you.

On Thursday night, we were proud to co-sponsor the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Reception at Hallsley. It was good to see so many people actively engaged in local political races, and I realized what a special place we live in. Virtually all of the candidates for local office — School Board, Board of Supervisors, House of Delegates and Senate — attended the event and actually spoke with those in attendance, not at them. At Madison+Main, we value the political process and hope that you vote on November 3rd, for your candidate of choice. #boldbrandswin

Friday, October 16th – On Friday morning, through the miracle of technology I was able to listen in on a voice over session in Lynchburg, patched through our office in Richmond, while on a cell phone in Midlothian. Special thanks to Justin at Abandon Films, who is producing our animated videos for the Virginia Energy Sense program, and the multi-talented Garet Chester, the voice of Jack. Stay tuned. These online videos will be up and running soon!


I thought Boss’s Day was simply another abomination invented by Hallmark but as it turns out, it was invented by Patricia Bays in 1958. Patty, as she was known, was a secretary for State Farm Insurance and wanted to honor her boss. As it turns out her boss was also her dad, but there was already a holiday for that. Boss’s Day is only celebrated in the U.S, Canada and Lithuania. #true It is also celebrated at Madison+Main, and I thank the entire team for my presents today; a card, a Mario Brothers balloon, flowers, Mimosas and a gift bag full of meat. #lovemyteam #lovemimosas #lovemeat

“News travels fast in places where nothing much ever happens.”
Charles Bukowski