Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, May 8th

Hot Water

Hey folks,

Last weekend I stood huddled over a camp stove thinking “a watch pot never boils.” It was 40 degrees in the Allegheny Highlands, and I desperately needed hot water for coffee. A gas stove. Shaking hands. A ceramic pot. 25 minutes later… voila! My so-called “Instant Coffee” took almost half an hour to prepare.

After that, I found myself in “hot water” all week.

Monday, May 4th – I got yelled at for starting the Madison+Main Monday Morning Meeting late. But I rallied and churned out a lot of work in the morning, including pitching a new name for a non-profit client. #TheyLovedIt We will soon be unveiling a new brand for the Earn to Learn Alliance, a unique scholarship program. Stay tuned for details. 
Lindsey and I were supposed to meet our favorite client for lunch, Debra Marlow Executive Director at Lucy Corr Village and Springdale at Lucy Corr, but she stood us up. #JustKidding 🙂 We were at The Daily in Carytown, so we didn’t waste the opportunity and ate enough for three people. As an FYI, the Burrito Bowl at The Daily is twice as big as the one you’d get at Chipotle, and only three times the price. 
And for those of you who asked in recent weeks… the answer is “yes” I am still taking piano lessons. And this week I mastered Yankee Doodle
Tuesday, May 5th – On Tuesday we finalized TV concepts for the Lightning Protection Institute’s national PSA and welcomed Karen Tucker from Ukrop’s Dress Express for a Lunch & Learn. Karen shared some cool info with us about integrating augmented reality applications into some promotional pieces. But the team was most enthralled with the logo raincoat that folds into its own front pocket. #wow
Wednesday, May 6th – On Wednesday, we were able to reconnect with Debra and had a great working lunch at Perly’s. After several productive meeting’s, we traveled over to Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. Everyone I know likes craft beer, except me. I got into “hot water” for tweeting that the other night, and I’ll probably hear from a few of you.
On Wednesday night, CaseySue and I formed Team Madison+Main and made a respectable showing in the Podium Foundation’s Adult Spelling Bee, making it through the first 5 rounds. Casey did great. Sue is a stellar speller. And I bombed out on a word I really knew how to spell; coaxial. I had one too many “tart tasting craft beers” and stuttered “a” before “i.” I was in “hot water” with Sue for the ride home. On the bright side, we won a weekend for two in Tyson’s Corner. #woohoo
Team Madison+Main at the Podium Foundation’s Adult Spelling Bee. 
Thursday, May 7th – On Thursday morning I suited up in my seersucker and bow tie, which I felt was appropriate attire for an early morning meeting at the Commonwealth Club. But, later in the day at the Richmond Chamber’s Annual Picnic, Schmooza Palooza. It was a fun time and it was good to see lots of friends. I especially enjoyed talking with Wayne Nystrom, President of Nystrom Enterprises, an avid reader of the Weekly Report. I appreciated his feedback. It was nice to hear his thoughts on this email and he almost made me blush. Then again, it could have been the heat. I found myself creating my own “hot water” at the picnic as 13-gallons of sweat poured out of me. Free advice: don’t wear a suit to a picnic.
RVA’s biggest “Schmoozer” Peter Larsen and me at Schmooza Palooza.
When I got home Thursday night, I was informed that our hot water heater was broken. Is this a perfect theme this week, or what?
Friday, May 8th  On Friday I didn’t need coffee because my cold shower woke me up. So did the $1,200 bill to replace the hot water heater.
We had a very productive pre-production meeting with our friends from Broadscope MediaHal and Noah, as we plotted out a pair of new TV spots. We always enjoy working with those guys, because they’re weird, like us. 🙂
I hope you have better weekend plans than me. My weekend will be spent washing the mud off of “The Beast.”
The handwritten sign at the top of the mountain warned me that the road ahead was “ruff.” 

Folks, don’t forget!

We’re hosting our May Media Mixer at Morton’s in a couple of weeks, on Wednesday, May 20th and you can RSVP on our Facebook page, or tweet us, call us (804) 521-4141 or email Lindsey at LindseyD@MadisonMain.com. We hope to see you all there!

“When you can’t make them see the light, 

make them feel the heat”


— Ronald Reagan

– Dave