Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, April 17th

“It’s Nice To Be Recognized”

Hey folks,

When I was younger I heard the phrase “It’s just nice to be recognized” used as a consolation when people didn’t win the big award they were seeking. The winners always say things like, “I’m humbled by this award.” And the losers say, “It was nice just to be here.” When it comes to winning awards for our work at Madison+Main, I’ve memorized a few of those phrases…and had to use them on occasion.

BUT NOT THIS WEEK! We won! Our clients won! “You like me. You really, really like me!” said Sally Field once upon a time. This week at Madison+Main we continued our winning ways. But first, I forgot to file a Weekly Report while I was on Spring Break, so here’s an abridged version.

Monday, April 6th –  I drank lots of rum and laid on the beach in Barbados.

Tuesday, April 7th – I drank lots of rum and took an island tour of St. Lucia.

Wednesday, April 8th – I drank lots of rum and went zip lining in Antigua.

Thursday, April 9th – I drank lots of rum and ate a $17 cheeseburger at the Hard Rock Cafe in St. Maarten.

Friday, April 10th – I drank lots of rum and went snorkeling in St. Thomas. On Friday night I won the karaoke contest by singing Sweet Caroline, a la Neil Diamond.

Jack and I learned that they have rules in St. Lucia.

Monday, April 13th – On Monday we traveled back from the Caribbean and I spent most of the day working, remotely — through my cell phone and laptop. Southwest Airlines “Gate to Gate Wifi” is really cool, by the way.

I was gone for 10 days and had 2,149 e-mails. So far I’ve deleted 525 of them. Don’t worry I will delete yours as soon as possible.

Also on Monday I got the amazing news that we won two cannon balls at the Richmond Ad Club, for work we did last year for Howell’s Heating & Air. It’s nice to know that small agencies like ours can compete with the big guys. I’m very proud of my team.

Lindsey and Kaity showing off the “hardware” at the Richmond Ad Show.                                  

Tuesday, April 14th – Tuesday brought more big news. Our client, Silverback Distillery scored big at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, bringing home the coveted Double-Gold Medal for Strange Monkey Gin and a Bronze award for its vodka bottle design. This is a HUGE win for our clients, and now they are recognized as one of the top 10 gins in the world. Learn more here.

We were in Afton on Tuesday with “the troops” and celebrated their win and planned a special event for next week. We are kicking off RVA Restaurant Week with a VIP reception for restaurant and bar industry insiders and the media at Pearl on Monday. Silverback Distillers, Denver and Christine Riggleman will be in town to meet and greet the movers and shakers in RVA’s vibrant restaurant scene. You’ll probably read about it in the newspaper next week.

Wednesday, April 15th – On Wednesday between client meetings and client work, I popped by Willow Oaks Country Club for the 5th Annual Monroe Scholars Book and Author Luncheon, where I heard a dynamic and fascinating speech by Nancy Wright Beasley. She is the author ofIzzy’s Fire: Finding Humanity in the Holocaust. Special thanks to my good friend and client Debra Marlow, Community Relations Director at Lucy Corr Village for the invite… and autographed book.

Later in the afternoon we had a great meeting with our partners at Village Bank, COO Dennis Falk and Executive Vice President of Retail Banking, Joy Kline. I love having “end of day meetings” with clients because we can have a cocktail after the business is concluded. And I normally consider myself a gracious host. But, our ice maker broke while I was on vacation and we didn’t have anything cold to serve our friends. It was a momentary loss in a week of winning.

Thursday, April 16th – On Thursday I realized I wasn’t on vacation anymore. My day started with a 7:30 meeting and ended with a 7:30 meeting. And the day was packed… we had a productive meeting at the Commonwealth Club to kickoff the day and I was fortunate to participate in my Virginia Council of CEOs Roundtable. I was able to call in for a lunchtime board meeting for the Virginia-West Virginia Chapter of the MS Society but sad I couldn’t be there in person.

Friday, April 17th   Today has already been an amazing day and it started off with another big win. We presented creative concepts to a new client of ours and they loved them and want to move forward with everything… immediately. It’s the best news you could get on a Friday other than leaving work early, which is what I did at 3 o’clock so I could buy my wife, Sue, a birthday gift. Sue turns 48 on Wednesday (4/22). If you want to e-mail her a happy birthday message, here’s her e-mail address Susan_Saunders@ccpsnet.net.
I’ll leave you with a couple of dates to remember:


Our May Media Mixer at Morton’s is set for Wednesday, May 20th. Details will be uploaded on our Facebook page next week. (Do me a favor… go to our Facebook page and like us. You like us. You really, really like us.)


The Hospital Hospitality House Fancy Hat Party is on Thursday, April 30th. Get your tickets here so you can see which hats Casey and Lindsey end up wearing.


This week I leave you with a GREAT quote from NFL legend and former Houston Oilers head football coach Bum Phillips…


“Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half.”

– Dave