Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – September 26th, 2014

Familiar Faces

Hey Folks,

As I rapidly approach another birthday, I realize that my short term memory is fading. I’ve always had a good memory. In the past, I’ve had the ability to recall names, numbers, and lots of other useless statistics, and above all, I never forget a face. I may forget a name from time to time, but I never forget a face.  And this week I was fortunate to see lots of familiar faces…

Monday, September 22nd – On Monday afternoon, after a busy morning, we met with friend and partner Mark Creery, President of Data Directions. We always enjoy working with Mark on projects, because his team does a great job and they are committed to making RVA a better place to live, work, and grow. While he was here, we spoke about several new initiatives at the Greater Richmond Chamber. Mark was also among a select group of area business leaders who met with VCU President Dr. Michael Rao this week at the Westin Hotel. Dr. Rao is leading a series of discussions with business leaders on Richmond’s future. By the way, Dr. Rao is an active Twitter user, @VCUPresident. (But he has get 27,000 more followers to catch me.)


Tuesday, September 23rd – On Tuesday, we got our teleconference system back up and running so I was able to see Kara and Molly’s lovely faces over Google Hangout. Just in case you didn’t hear the big news, our VP of Operations, Molly Quarles is now Molly Whitfield. Molly married her “alpha male” Lee Whitfield, last Saturday. Lee is a Captain in the Army, who recently returned from the Middle East. They are, perhaps, the most gorgeous couple on earth and their wedding picture proves it.

It is my pleasure to introduce Mr & Mrs. Lee Whitfield

Wednesday, September 24th – On Wednesday morning, I cleared four different copy actions off my calendar. For a writer, there is nothing more stimulating than a deadline. If creatives didn’t have deadlines, nothing would ever get done.

On Wednesday at lunch, I was able to see another familiar face, Tim O’Toole, Founder ofPoolHouse, a new digital content and video production shop in Richmond. Tim and his partner, Will Ritter, are best known for creating some really cool TV spots and long form video for the Romney Presidential Campaign back in 2012.

Speaking of TV and familiar faces, I was at WTVR CBS6 on Wednesday night to speak with anchorBill Fitzgerald about the NFL’s recent PR fiascos and how they have affected the brand. Murphy’s Law: I was pre-empted by Charlottesville PD news conference, but I was able to see a lot of familiar faces at CBS6, including friends Lorenzo HallJulie BraggSandra Jones, and Raymond Hawkes. We taped the segment and it will air tonight (Friday) at 7 pm, but you can see the segment now online by clicking here.

I remembered to show up at CBS6 on time, but I forgot to wear pants. 


Marketing Tip of the Week: Never use exclamation points or other symbols in the subject heading of an email newsletter. Most corporate spam filters are set up to reject copy that has one of these marks: ?@#$!@^&^%*@#%.

Thursday, September 25th – On Thursday, I spent most of the day getting to and from Strasburg, VA, the headquarters of First BankGeoffKara, and I traveled up the Shenandoah Valley to meet with some of our favorite people, Greg Hoover and Jamie Rutten, the marketing team at First Bank. We’ve been able to coerce Greg into appearing in one of their TV ads, but so far Jamie has refused.Click here to see a #ThrowbackThursday TV spot we did over a year ago with Greg… he’s the one getting beat up by the old lady.


Greg Hoover, VP of Marketing at First Bank takes one for the team.

Friday, September 26th – It was a busy day around the corner of 1st and Cary, but I was able to grab a bite to eat with familiar face Bob Fischer and his colleague Chip Jamerson, from Smith Barney. Great meeting, and I was excited to hear about all of the new things going on at this venerable investment firm. Lunch at Capital Ale House was great (I had the new smoked brisket sandwich), but I wished we had been able to drink a beer or two. Perhaps I’ll drop back by tomorrow for Oktoberfest.


Next Friday marks Madison+Main’s 9th Anniversary. Wow, time flies when you’re having fun. To mark this special occasion, we’ll be posting photos and samples of client work from 2005 to present on our Facebook page. And if you haven’t already, click here to join our community on Facebook.


On Sunday, October 12th, The Walking Dead returns for its fifth season to AMC. In case you can’t wait for that, here’s Bad Lip Readings: Talking Dead.

It’s Miller time! 


Dave Saunders