Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – September 12th, 2014

The End of Regulation
Hey Folks,

When I watch a football game, the announcer warns about “the end of regulation” and viewers eagerly anticipate to find out who the winners and who the losers are. In business, “regulation” has a whole different meaning. Generally, regulation is designed to protect people from business, but somewhere along the way many in our government forgot that small businesses, like ours…and the ones we represent…are owned by people. Despite the fact that 98% of all business is small business (employing under 100 people), many in our state’s vast bureaucracy forget this.


I spent most of my week trying to salvage a state contract we have. Maybe it’s time that the Commonwealth of Virginia — which touts itself as a top state for business — cut out a couple of stupid regulations that are killing small businesses. #OnMySoapBox


Last weekend I was in sports heaven, watching NASCAR live at RIR and watching Virginia Tech bounce the Buckeyes on TV at the same time. I had a great time hanging out with our new client, Brian Walker from Riverside Turf. My son Jack enjoyed the game too, and it was a much-needed diversion following the Sharks‘ football loss earlier that day.  #Heartbreaker



A “client selfie” with the guys from Riverside Turf at RIR

Monday, September 8th: On Monday I spent most of the day on hold. I made phone calls to the Virginia Department of Commerce and TradeDMBE (Department of Minority Business Enterprise), the Attorney General’s office, the Governor’s office and various other entities whose emails end in “virginia.gov.” By 5pm I was ready to “go postal.”


On Monday night it rained so there was no football practice. I was so excited that I went to bed at 8pm. Never fear, I recorded Monday night’s season 21, episode 4 of America’s Next Top Model. Shhh, don’t spoil it for me.


Tuesday, September 9th: On Tuesday morning, I was “feeling the love” at Midlothian Rotary because I was able to commiserate with other business owners who have been adversely effected by pointless regulations. I was happy to see Midlothian’s school board representative Debbie Girvin, who dropped by to give us some good news about Chesterfield County schools.


Meanwhile, back at the office, Tuesday felt like a repeat of Monday. However, I managed to get in a fair amount of work; one creative concept session, two conference calls and a 2.5-hour marketing consultation. Not bad.


Wednesday, September 10th: For me, Wednesday was all about Lucy Corr. I led an 8am meeting as chairman of the Lucy Corr Foundation, worked on finalizing a new TV ad for Lucy Corr Village and led a “Social Media for Seniors” seminar in the afternoon at Springdale. Stay tuned, we are filming another TV ad for Springdale later this month and yes, my son Jack, is back. See Jack in the current Springdale spot here.


At Wednesday’s Chesterfield Chamber lunch we heard from both Randolph Macon College professors who are running to replace Eric Cantor in Virginia’s seventh district. Republican Dave Brat spoke about burdensome regulations on small business owners and it got my attention. I stood up to ask his challenger, Jack Trammell, a question:


“In your opinion, is the Affordable Care Act helpful or hurtful to small businesses?” I asked.


“… it depends on who you ask,” he said. #oyvey


On Wednesday night the Sharks played valiantly but lost to the Swift Creek Cougars. That is the name of the football team we played, not the group of middle age women who hang out at TGIFridays. I lost my voice after the game because I yelled continuously from the kickoff… to the end of regulation.


Thursday, September 11th: On Thursday morning, we worked on some holiday campaign concepts for our friends at Vera’s Fine Jewelers. How does a small jewelry store in western Chesterfield get 2,000 likes on its Facebook page? By being absolutely awesome. By making absolutely awesome jewelry. And by working with an absolutely awesome marketing agency. #HumbleBrag Check out Vera’s TV spot here.

Our intern Alexis made a new friend…Jessica’s 5oz Yorkie, Brie

Friday, September 12th: Today I have been working on some things (TV, signage and Facebook ads) for one of our favorite clients, Village Bank. Village Bank is a client, but you may not know that they are also our bank. We had a relationship with another local bank (that shall remain nameless) but after seven years they still didn’t know A) what we do or B) what we needed or C) how to manage our relationship. Since we have been at Village Bank, we have been 100% THRILLED! If you’re not banking with Village, do something about it and visit with one of the “Village People” soon. Click here for a branch near you.

Last week was all about football and this weekend will be all about booze. Madison+Main is proud to sponsor the Chesterfield Craft Beer Festival tomorrow at Westchester Commons. There are a few tickets left at www.chesterfieldbeerfest.comCaseyKaity and I will be handing out Madison+Main brand Koozies. Limited time offer. Supplies are limited. See website for details. Offer void in Alaska and Hawaii.


3Come see me at the Chesterfield Craft Beer Festival and I’ll give you a Koozie

On Sunday, we will be hobnobbing with 10,000 of our closest friends at the 39th Annual Virginia Wine Festival. The Virginia Wine Fest has one of he best tag lines ever. Of course I like it. I wrote it.


“Life is grape!”


Dave Saunders