Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – August 22nd, 2014

“It’s the end of the world as we know it, (and I feel fine).”  
– R.E.M., 1987
Hey folks,

There’s so much bad news in the world today, I guess I feel guilty about telling you all of the good things that happened at Madison+Main this week. But, oh well. What the heck? That’s why you read this email. “It’s the end of the world as we know it, (and I feel fine)” by R.E.M. released 27 years ago and we’ve survived, year after year after year.

An army of evil rises in ancient Syria. The holy land is under assault by terrorists. Wildfires in the Northwest. Mexico City was crippled by 3 feet of hail. Swarms of locusts have descended upon Madagascar, but at Madison+Main we had a good week.

Monday, August 18th: On Monday we operated with a skeleton crew as JessicaLindsey, and Molly were M.I.A. since they took PTO for a little R&R. But never fear, Kara Forbis was here, making the three hour commute from Blacksburg. We had a great meeting with Brian and Morgan from Charles City-based Riverside Turf, a new M+M client that is releasing a new brand of athletic turf called Premier. Look for Premier on a golf course or pro football field soon near you.

The Monday meetings were back to back to back, but very productive. After we met with good friend and client Melissa Ball at Ball Office Products, Account Exec Casey Severinghaus and I loaded up on cookies. Why would you buy office supplies from anyone else? Ball Office Products has everything the big guys have at the same or better price…and they give you freshly baked cookies with every order.

Late Monday afternoon I met with Dan and Dave from Tax and Business Solutions, our valued biz consultants. They gave us some good advice and expense saving tips. Apparently this year I have been spending like there’s no tomorrow. 😉

Tuesday, August 19th: At Tuesday morning’s Rotary breakfast we had a fascinating presentation from Dr. Drew Moghanaki of McGuire VA Medical Center. Although I normally wouldn’t want to hear about prostate examinations and treatment options over breakfast, I did ditch the sausage and eggs for a nice bowl of granola and yogurt. Seriously though, I found out that prostate MRIs helps hundreds of thousands of men avoid painful biopsies and helps many, many more avoid unnecessary treatments. Dr. Drew was telling us what Europeans already know: getting a prostate MRI first eliminates lots of problems later. For more information you can connect with the good doctor on Twitter.

Special thanks to the CBS 6 crew for inviting the team to the CBS Premiere Party Tuesday afternoon. Tons of prizes were given away, however, no one from Madison+Main walked away with any of the loot.

Greg Green from Davis & Green Electrical stars in the CBS Thursday Night Football Promo
Our client Greg Green from
Davis & Green Electrical stars in the
CBS Thursday Night Football Promo,
but he wore the wrong jersey

Wednesday, August 20th: On Wednesday videos of our clients taking the ice bucket challenge started making their rounds on the inter-webs. We thought Robbie from Yard Works had a good one — he got splashed with a BIG bucket from a full-sized front-end loader. SkyZone Richmond got the whole team involved inside their Midlothian location and their video got 300 likes and 138 shares! But our favorite was this one from Virginia Women’s CenterDr. Zedler is a hoot. 

On Wednesday afternoon we had an excellent meeting with Village Bank COO Dennis Falk and Marketing Coordinator Lauryn Adams. After the meeting I jumped behind the bar at Morton’s to raise money for the Central & Eastern Virginia Chapter of the National MS Society. It was a great event; we raised a bunch and over 150 people showed up to stuff my tip bucket.


Highlights from Morton’s celebrity bartender event 

Thursday, August 21st: On Thursday we checked in with our friends at First Bank and I am excited that I’ll be traveling up to Winchester next month to develop some “strategery” for 2015. At lunch I reconnected with long time friend John Haddad at Tio Pablo, which was John’s suggestion. In addition to John’s responsibilities at Park Group, he has been one of Richmond’s most influential food bloggers. Started in 2006, epicuriousity.net is where you’ll find John ‘dishing it out’ on the local dining scene.

On Thursday afternoon I was also delighted to meet Michael Smith, Marketing Manager at Nichols Incorporated, who introduced us to a fantastic business networking association called Henrico Business Leaders. Check them out.

Friday, August 22nd: The best part about having lunch with your banker is when he picks up the tab. 🙂 Just kidding. Not only is Village Bank a client, they are our bank as well, and Eric Tusing is our banker. Eric and Senior VP Sarah Williams dropped today to share some excellent Thai food at Beauregard’s next door. I don’t know what he likes more…our office or Drunkard’s Noodles. It was great to meet Sarah and so happy she’s now one of the “Village People.” Do yourself a favor and click here to meet the people at Village Bank.

This afternoon Sarah Dawes-Murphy, our brilliant PR and MarCom Executive presented us a new plan for client content marketing. I finally figured out why she is sooooooo smart. She graduated with a BA in English from Mary Washington College…just like me.


In other news, actor Abe Vigoda is still alive. This also reminds me that the new season of The Walking Dead premieres on Saturday October 12th. This of course means that the world can’t end until mid-October.


Where ever you go and whatever you do this weekend, I wish you peace and good weather.

Talk to you next Friday. Maybe.


David Saunders
President & Chief Idea Officer