Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – July 11th, 2014

In a land far, far away…

Hey folks,

Once upon a time, the hardworking people at Madison+Main got to take a vacation. They traveled near and far, they traveled through exotic locales. Molly left for Costa Rica with her home-again hero LeeColleen is visiting New York City and I spent an afternoon in Hopewell.

Just kidding.

I’m flying out Saturday to meet up with Sue and the kids on the Isle of Man (Sue is from this tiny island in the middle of the North Irish Sea, and unfortunately it’s a 25 hour journey from everywhere on earth.) Woo-hoo, I get to spend my vacation with my In-laws…it’s a good thing my In-laws are VERY cool. On Saturday I fly from Williamsburg to Newark, from Newark to Belfast, hop on a ferry from Belfast to Douglas, then take a 45-minute cab ride to Sue’s hometown of Ramsey.

Despite vacations and summer travels, the Madison+Main-iacs got a ton of work done this week.

Monday, July 7th:  On Monday, after the long July 4th holiday weekend, I had an enormous stack of emails and seven messages in my inbox, so I spent most of Monday “catching up.” I was pleasantly surprised to find that Whitten Brother’s Jeep had wifi in the waiting room, where I was able to make it through hundreds of emails. (I had to get the oil changed in “The Beast.”)

On Monday we also got an early copy of Grid‘s July/August issue where we were mentioned not once, but twice. You can grab a copy of the magazine at Martin’s, Ellwood’s, local coffee shops and more.


Madison+Main Intern of the Week: Riley “Broshea” O’Shea, a “fourth year” at the University of Virginia (whatever that means)

Tuesday, July 8th: On Tuesday morning, I was delighted to introduce Christine Holland, Learning Institute Coordinator with Commonwealth Autism, who gave a powerful and informative talk to members of the Midlothian Rotary Club. Also on Tuesday morning, I metChesterfield Clerk of Court candidate Tracy Seredni. I had no idea that Clerk of Court was an elected office and I had no idea that the election will be held tomorrow, Saturday, July 12th. If you live in Chesterfield, I encourage you to get out and vote.

On Tuesday afternoon I traveled down to Hopewell and met with some wonderful folks at the John Randolph Foundation. Tuesday night I had to drive Sue and the kids to Dulles International Airport for their long flights to the UK. And because of I-95 bridge work, I got back home at 1am.

Wednesday, July 9th: On Wednesday morning, we proved once again that we’ll go the extra mile for our clients, even if it means meeting with them at 7am. Yes, I said 7am (after three hours of sleep). The specialists at Virginia ENT are very busy docs, and that was the only time they could meet with us. But they were very excited about the new 3D direct mail concepts we presented to them.

I had a Virginia Council of CEOs roundtable meeting in the morning and a three-hour client meeting in the afternoon. Meanwhile back in the office there was a status call with First Bank, creative concepts and logo revisions for Commonwealth Autism.

Thursday, July 10th: On Thursday morning we had a very productive meeting with Wendy McCaig, Director of Embrace Richmond and Board Member Don Reich. Embrace is doing some amazing things to improve Richmond from the inside out and we’re thrilled that we’ll get the chance to work with them.

On Thursday afternoon I was reminded why I don’t live in Hampton Roads; my navigation tells me I can make it to Virginia Beach in two hours, but last night it took five.  BUT, we were able to successfully scout locations at the Yacht Club at Marina Shores, and the highlight of the day was reconnecting with old pal Taylor Malbon, Marina Shores Marketing Director and former Madison+Main-iac.


Dinner and drinks…and more drinks…with Taylor Malbon at Froggie’s in Virginia Beach

Friday, July 11th: My day started again at 7am as we joined crew from Studio Center in Virginia Beach and worked all day shooting the yacht club’s new TV spot. Happy to haveLindsey “the Durf-meister” Durfee and Kaity “Seabass” Byrum here on set making sure everything runs smoothly. (Plus Lindsey is filling in as a bridesmaid.)

A behind the scenes look of the beautiful bride in our new TV spot for the Yacht Club at Marina Shores

This shoot would not have been possible without the generous support of All The Rage, an amazing bridal boutique in Virginia Beach who provided us beautiful bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses and attire for the groomsmen. Those guys are amazing and I highly recommend them: 757-491-1418.

Tomorrow morning I’m flying out and will be gone for a week. But never fear, the guys and gals at Madison+Main are going to write the Weekly Report for me and deliver it fresh and piping hot to your inbox next Friday.

Everybody I know is traveling somewhere fun this summer. Are you? I’d love to hear about your summer travel plans.

You are now free to move about the country,


David Saunders
President & Chief Idea Officer