Madison+Main Partners with ReelVR

In our last post we introduced augmented reality: a new technology that uses computer generated images to blur the lines between what’s real and what isn’t. Augmented reality devices and applications are wildly popular across Europe, but at Madison+Main we’re excited about the Richmond-based augmented reality app that was just released by Scott Harris and his team at ReelVR.

“I like to think of augmented reality apps as QR codes on steroids,” says Scott Harris of ReelVR. “This code actually communicates with you; there is an interaction between the user and the developer that has never been seen before.”

The ReelVR augmented reality app uses technology developed by Autonomy, an England-based software company that developed the Aurasma app. This pixel recognition technology was originally created for law documents but with the help of creative companies like ReelVR, extended augmented reality possibilities were born. Madison+Main is already partnering with ReelVR for some of our client work.

“Imagine being in a museum and you’re looking at a piece of work – a painting, sculpture, etc. – and you know nothing about the artist,” says Harris. “Imagine taking out your phone, holding it up to the art and instantly getting a video tutorial or a website link about what you’re looking at in real time. This is the next evolution of media.”

ReelVR is available for both Apple and Android smart phones and tablets. To download the app, visit the Apple store or check out ReelVR’s website.