Meaningful Connection

Posted by Jeff Smack, Art Director

There’s a ton of buzz surrounding Social Media’s claim to the future of advertising and communication in general. No matter what can be boasted on behalf of social media, one thing can not be denied: It connects people. Connections are as significant as the people that make them.

Over the weekend Dave mentioned on Twitter that he had attended a charity wine tasting event. The good folks at Children, Incorporated (@childreninc) hosted it and Dave made a note of it to his network. This casual update posted to Twitter generated several new followers for the organization and two new sponsorships for children in need. These two sponsors may never have stepped forward without learning of the opportunity via Twitter and now two more children will receive the resources they need to get by.

It’s a simple but a very concrete example of the significance of connecting. No matter how many new and interesting ways are invented for us to communicate, we can always make more significant and meaningful use of them.