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Maola Milk

Maola Milk is a proud brand of the Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association that was formed in 1920 to promote milk that is created by families, for families! 100% fresh, 100% local. The brand includes family-owned dairy farms spanning several Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states and chose Madison+Main to help launch, market, and establish partnerships for MilkPEP’s first-ever program, called “Love What’s Real,” connecting the Maola Milk brand with local culinary experts to promote milk.

Maola Milk

The challenge

People often overlook milk as a cooking ingredient, solely viewing it as a delicious and nutritious drink. Our challenge was to position milk in a new and exciting way by partnering with a local, well-known chef to highlight how milk can play a starring role in the kitchen by incorporating it into homemade recipes.

The approach

Madison+Main established a partnership with Chef Lee Gregory, who is the co-owner of Alewife and Executive Chef at Southbound. Around the same time, Chef Lee Gregory received praise by GQ Magazine for his use of locally-produced ingredients, naming Southbound the “Best New Restaurant” in 2019. Our team strategically teamed up with him and helped produce videos of him in his restaurant’s kitchen incorporating various Maola products to create custom recipes including Milk Chocolate Panna Cotta, Buttermilk-Brined Fried Chicken, Milk Roasted Chicken, and Milk Cake. In addition, we created Facebook and Twitter posts for a new social media campaign to promote the chef partnership and Maola Milk’s involvement in MilkPEP’s campaign. As an educational aspect, we also included many milk benefits into the messaging.

The results

Madison+Main’s strategic partnership pairing led to a successful social media campaign that produced overwhelming results for every brand involved. We enjoyed working together with Maola Milk, Chef Lee Gregory, and MilkPEP to create such a fun series of content that was easily shared across all platforms.

Looking for results?

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