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Google search field

Have you ever Googled your own name? I’m willing to bet most of you have and the rest of you will as soon as you finish reading this article. Some people do it for fun. Most people search their own name for curiosity’s sake, but if you’re in business, it’s probably a good idea to see what’s out there on the Interweb on a semi-regular basis. 

In fact, the word ego-surfing is now officially in the Oxford Dictionary. It is a verb meaning “search the Internet for instances of one’s own name or links to one’s own website.” The results you may find will be directly proportionate to the number of social media sites you are on and the amount of content you’ve written or have been written about you. 

For a business person, who relies heavily on their personal brand, it is especially important to create content — posts, articles, photos, videos, memes, blogs, newsletters, interviews with local broadcast media, feature stories in newspapers or magazines, etc. Every time a piece of content is produced, it lives on the web permanently and Google indexes it and makes it searchable. 
The uniqueness of your personal brand doesn’t necessarily require a unique name. One of my favorite Madison+Main-iacs and co-author of the Weekly Report is Jr. Communications Specialist Kennedy Heidel. If you Google Kennedy, you will find out that she is truly unique. The one and only.

On the other hand, the name David Saunders is pretty freakin’ average. According to, there are 987 David Saunders in the United States of America. My mom always said I was one in a million. She was wrong. It turns out I am only one in a thousand. Among the many, many David Saunders in North America, one of them is a famous photographer, another is a country music artist, and one is a pro soccer player. And David “MudCat” Saunders is a famous Democrat Party strategist who got Senator Mark Warner and Senator Jim Webb elected. MudCat from RoanokeVirginia, and I are probably related somewhere along the line. 

Yet, the not-so-famous David Saunders (me) from LynchburgVirginia, who writes this weekly email tops them all in Google search engine results. How did I do it? By writing blogs, actively engaging in public relations, investing in a top-ranking website, and amassing a social media following of more than 25,000 people. Yes, I am on TikTok too. Step one to increasing your personal brand? Make content. #BoldBrandsWin #NotChangingMyName