A Placid Trip





A Placid Trip -- Weekly Report, June 9, 2021




Dave is currently on the cheapest Spirit Airlines flight he could find, making his return to RVA. For the past seven days, our Semi-Fearless Captain has likely been enjoying Lake Placid’s majestic views and fresh mountain air or spending the week recovering from jet lag — although he never left the East Coast. I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now, but Dave left this edition of the Weekly Report in the not-so-trustworthy hands of Jr. Communications Specialist Kennedy Heidel and Copywriter Derek Fair.




As a man of mystery, Dave didn’t give us all the getaway deets — but we find ourselves pondering the purpose and wondering about his whereabouts. Does anybody know the real reason? Until we find out, enjoy our top four guesses as to why he visited Lake Placid and let us know which you think is most likely.




If you know Dave, you know how cool he thinks winter sports are. Especially the Winter Olympics. Some could even go as far as saying he has a doomed-fascination with ice-skating, even though he’s never been able to stand up on those razor-thin shoes. Since Lake Placid is famous for the 1980 Winter OlympicsMiracle on Ice when the underdog U.S. National Hockey Team defeated the Soviet Union, we can only assume Dave has run away, said “Puck it,” and has decided to relive the 80s.



Guess #1



Maybe Dave is searching for a 30-foot-long man-eating crocodile alongside Betty White and Bill Pullman. The humor-comedy crocbuster Lake Placid has been a favorite of Dave’s for 22 years, ever since he asked the unreasonable question of “How’d the croc get there?” He swam, Dave, duh. Since the bossman isn’t celebrated for his stealth, we bet the only crocs he found were on other tourists’ toes.
Guess #2
The scariest guess we had was that Dave headed up to Lake Placid to partake in their world-famous Halloween festivities — three months early. After all, the very tiny village was voted best town to celebrate Halloween by Travel +Leisure. As most of you know, Dave celebrates his birthday on October 31 and isn’t shy about being the life of the party or doing anything in halves. We just hope he picked up some pumpkin seeds to snack on while he waits for all the other ghouls to show up.
Guess #3
Our final guess is that he experienced a sudden urge to trek Mount Marcy, the state’s highest standing point with an elevation of 5,344 feet. After all, the last time anyone saw Dave he was sporting a shirt that had “What’s up, pitches?” across the front. The lack of cell service could also explain the 37 unanswered calls. But trust us, once we finally get in touch with the guy, we’ll be sure to let you know. We promise not to leave you hanging.
Guess #4







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