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Dave photoshopped on "Where's Waldo" at Lake Placid

Dave Saunders is currently on the cheapest SpiritAirlines flight he could find, making his return to RVA. For the past seven days, our Semi-Fearless Captain has likely been enjoying Lake Placid’s majestic views and fresh mountain air or spending the week recovering from jet lag — although he never left the EastCoast. I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now, but Dave left this edition of the Weekly Report in the not-so-trustworthy hands of Jr. Communications Specialist KennedyHeidel and Copywriter DerekFair 

As a super-regional man of mystery, Dave didn’t give us many deets about this impromptu getaway — in fact, we had to rummage through his desk just to find out where he was. Just before we filed a missing person report, we found a mustard-stained airline receipt hiding under a half-eaten Texas Inn hot dog.

It said Lake Placid. We said, “Why?” Did he just need some fresh air in the Adirondacks? Is he getting an unseasonably early start to train for the next WinterOlympics? Does anybody know the real reason? Do you think he’ll notice that we “borrowed” the Tug Life for a few days? Until we find out, enjoy our top four guesses as to why he visited Lake Placid and let us know which you think is most likely.