My Moment as a Madison+Main-iac | A Reflection by Michael Davis

When I started interning as a copywriter for Madison+Main, I asked myself the question, “Will this be fun?”


In the first month, I crashed my car.


I’ve also had the privilege of working with a team of creative thinkers unlike any other.


During my internship, I’ve gotten to practice my copywriting skills through a wide array of mediums: print, social media, press releases, speeches, and I could go on and on. If M+M picks you to write for them, they’ll have you writing for everything just short of the sequel to War & Peace.


My time here has been directly supervised by Mr. Kent Brockwell. Kent worked with me less as a person who could fire me, and more as a copywriting mentor. If you want to fit an incredible amount of copywriting on your résumé and have a sense of humor as dark as midnight in North Korea, Mr. B is your guy.


One pivotal thing I learned at Madison+Main is that you should not hesitate — just dive in and swim. This is the perfect learning opportunity for those wanting to know what it’s like working in an agency. The work assigned will make an inexperienced pencil pusher into a crafted creative thinker and wordsmith.  


I also learned I should not be trusted with the phone system. I apologize to everyone affected by my less-than-adequate call-transferring capabilities.


The exposure to all sides of the advertising world is another thing that really makes internship experience special. I’ve sat in on creative sessions, handled PR for clients, and consumed all the free food that comes with the job!


As of now, my question is answered. Being a Main-iac for the last few months has been all the fun I could have imagined. The M+M crew exemplify the idea of mixing business with pleasure. At Madison+Main, you will be working alongside a highly skilled team of marketers and advertisers who have no problem having fun with what they do.


— Michael Davis, Madison+Main Intern — Fall 2018