Weekly Report | “Sheer Panic” | 10.6.17

At a recent Virginia Council of CEOs Luncheon, Warren Whitney CEO Scott Warren asked me if I ever experience moments of “sheer panic” on a Friday when I realize I have to write the Weekly Report. I laughed. Others around the table said they enjoyed the emails — maybe they were just being polite — but I appreciated the sentiment.


I told Scott that most of the time, the process runs smoothly; I have an excellent team that helps me out and I’m able to dictate ideas into my iPhone at random times during the week. (I find inspiration everywhere – the toll booth lady, the cashier at Kroger, the baggage carousel at Manchester Airport, etc.)


But yes, this is one of those weeks.


As I write this, I am at home. My head is full of Sudafed and the antibiotics haven’t kicked in yet. The handyman should arrive anytime to put a new door on the back of the house. Why?


We were robbed Wednesday afternoon. Some lousy little b@$t@rd threw a brick from my fire pit through the back door and ransacked the house. Yeah, they got some stuff, but thankfully everyone is OK.


Top 10 things you learn after you’ve been robbed:


1) Safety glass provides very little safety — it shatters into a million pieces.

2) A beagle makes a lousy guard dog.

3) Your homeowners insurance policy is not as good as you thought.

4) Good friends are always there to help (thanks Mark Jones, Kelly Chin, and Kaitlin Riddle) and I have the best in-laws anyone could hope for (thanks Peter & Jackie)

5) Thieves go to good neighborhoods, because that’s where the good stuff is.

6) Brits really do have a stiff upper lip and a wacky sense of humor.

7) Not feeling secure in your own home really sucks.

8) Chesterfield Co. Police officers are incredibly helpful and supportive.

9) Bourbon cures (almost) everything.

10) My grandpa was right: “Don’t let the bastards wear you down.”


I won’t let them, Pop.


Our not-so-safe safety glass did little to secure our home during Wednesday’s invasion.


Monday, October 2 – “Behind the Scenes”


Over the weekend, Sr. Graphic Designer Kaity Carr and VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis shot a new video at FC Richmond‘s weekend tournament. It’s a “behind the scenes” look at the team and their philosophy of youth development. Stay tuned.


Tuesday, October 3 – Deep-Fried Anniversary


October 3, 2005 was the first official day of operations at Madison+Main. We celebrated our 12th birthday by knocking off work a few hours early and going to the State Fair of Virginia. All I can say is that the Madison+Main-iacs are much braver than I, especially those who rode the “Zipper” after eating deep-fried butter.


We secured video evidence of Kaity eating deep-fried butter at the State Fair.


Wednesday, October 4 – Lunchin’ & Learnin’


Our friends at V4 Development — CCO Joshua Barber and CEO David vanBlaricom –dropped by M+M World HQ to lead our monthly Lunch & Learn. These guys are doing some amazing things with web, mobile app, and augmented reality applications. Check them out!


Thursday, October 5 – Cat Juice


Communications Manager Kent Brockwell headed over to the fabulous iHeartRadio studios to hang out with 1140 WRVA home improvement guru Richard McKann and Matt Paxton, “the Hoarders guy” and co-founder of Legacy Navigator. Both Richard and Matt will be featured presenters at the Richmond Home Show next weekend but you can hear their conversation about “cat juice” (don’t ask — it’s a Hoarders thing) on McKann’s The Home Improvement Show this Saturday. Tune in!


Matt Paxton talking shop with Richard McKann on 1140 WRVA.


Friday, October 6 – Green Top Live!


Being sick at home gave me a chance to watch a little TV during lunch, and lo and behold there’s a familiar face on WRIC‘s noon news program. We’re doing some PR consulting work for Green Top and CEO Blaine Altaffer was live on the program to promote this weekend’s Green Top Outdoor Expo. This year is Green Top’s 70th anniversary and they are really pulling out all the stops to celebrate. Congrats, Blaine. You’re a natural on TV!


It’s a busy, busy weekend — we’ll be at the 29th MAGNIFICENT Midlothian Food Festival on Saturday and the Green Top Outdoor Expo on Sunday. I hope to see you at both events! Let me know if you’re coming.


“I am one of those people who thrive on deadlines, nothing brings on inspiration more readily than desperation.”

— Harry Shearer