Event Marketing: The 3/3/3/3 Rule

Part of the appeal of living in Richmond is always having something to do on the weekends. Our city plays host to so many food festivals and art fairs that we practically live with event wristbands on our arms, and locals can be distinguished by the lack of hair on our right wrists from getting stuck in the torturous superglue they use on the tab.


All these events have helped make Richmond the #2 city in America that millennials are moving to. Between 2010 and 2015, we saw a nearly 15% increase in adults 25-34. Point of reference: New York City’s increase was only 2.5%. Events are an impactful way to get more customers in the door, and Madison+Main is proud to help with several local events in the coming weeks:


  • 29th Magnificent Midlothian Food Festival
  • Green Top Outdoor Expo
    • October 7 – 8.
    • Celebrating 70 years of ardent customer loyalty.
    • Featuring more than 120 of the biggest manufacturers from the outdoor industry’s most loved brands, plus seminar speakers, product demos, and entertainment for the whole family.
    • Learn more online.
  • Richmond Home Show
    • October 13 – 15.
    • Meet more than 250 home improvement vendors, tour some tiny homes, and take a break at the beer garden.
    • Featured celebrity guests include Mark Bowe from DIY Network’s Barnwood Builders and Matt Paxton from A&E’s Hoarders.
    • Buy tickets online using the promo code DAVE for $3 off.


Madison+Main-iacs show off their winnings from our annual Chili Cook-Off.

The 3/3/3/3 Rule

These upcoming events are all wildly different — different entertainment, different guests, different end goals — and they each deserve tailor-made marketing strategies. We’ve developed and tested a method we call the 3/3/3/3 Rule to serve as a jumping off point for event marketing, and it helps us establish a timeline for coordination, advertising, and PR.


3 Months Out

Several months before your event, all the 5 Ws should be locked down: Who? What? When? Where? And Why? Create your online landing page for the event, whether it’s on your website, Facebook, Eventbrite, or all of the above, and start reaching out to your people. Talk to partners, community organizations, media, and anyone you want involved in your event. Tease the event on social media.


The Magnificent Midlothian Food Festival fills up Westchester Commons.

3 Weeks Out

Promote the details on social media. Send emails to your database and follow up personally with key people on your list. Start running your ad campaign. Stress eat three buckets of fried chicken. Reach out to media to try to get some publicity.


3 Days Out

Take three deep breaths. It’s almost showtime! Make as many follow-up calls as you can with media, colleagues, partners and vendors for your company, friends, and family. Encourage everyone to post on social media, tagging your company and linking to the event page. Continue to post the details of the event regularly on your social media pages, and it never hurts to add in some behind-the-scenes flavor. Parties are meant to be fun, so have fun promoting yours.


Kaity & Matt are our resident party experts.


3 Hours Out

Today’s the day! Blow up your social media with photos of setting up and decorating for the event. If tickets are still available or if it’s a free event, let people know it’s not too late to join. Slam three shots of tequila. Shoot a quick 30-second Facebook Live video of guests arriving to get people excited and motivate last-minute stragglers.


When your event is over, enjoy three bourbons and toast yourself and your team to a job well done. And next time, give us a call and let us handle your event marketing — that way, you can focus on your business and maybe not drink so much. Your employees are starting to worry about you.


That’s not coffee.