Weekly Report | “Problem Solvers” | 9.8.17

After being in the working world for three decades, I can easily identify the three different kinds of people you’ll find in business: people who make problems, people who identify problems and people who solve problems. How we overcome obstacles and the way in which we meet challenges defines us.


People who create problems: We’ve all been around those who create “drama.” They seem to thrive on causing chaos and driving a wedge between others. Thankfully, these people are few and far between. My simple advice: avoid those people at all costs.


People who identify problems: We need astute people and those that can clearly see issues in the workplace, and these kinds of folks are valuable… to a point. But they need to be shown a path to overcome the issue, because many just simply talk and analyze and worry and then talk some more about the problem, without ever trying to find a fix.


People who solve problems: I’ve made it a top life goal to surround myself with colleagues who SOLVE problems. When you find people like this, keep them close and give them the tools they need. There’s nothing more valuable than a problem solver. Apply this test to your attorney, accountant, banker, and even your marketing consultant. Are they creating, identifying and solving your business problem? If yes, then great. Keep them and reward them. If not, run away. Sometimes it’s a tough call, but trust me, it can make all the difference in the company.


Monday, September 4: Big Catch


The only problem I had Monday was not having enough coolers for all the fish my son Jackand I caught in Ocracoke. After a glorious Labor Day weekend, we took an early charter out and caught our limit in 2 hours. Pics of beautiful beaches, sunrises and a dock full of fish can be seen on my Facebook page. (Are we friends on Facebook yet? If not, send me a request.) #YouCanNeverHaveTooManyFriends


Tuesday, September 5: Big Idea


Earlier this year, our client Guided Discoveries opened AstroCamp in Clover, Virginia (near Virginia International Raceway) with much success. The hands-on science camp and school program is awesome (check out these photos) and we met Tuesday with our clients at AstroCamp to start planning for 2018.  We shared some big ideas and they are ready for lift-off.


Tuesday evening, Account Executive Meredith Mason returned from visiting family in Texas and, thankfully, reports everyone is doing well.


Wednesday, September 6: Big Day


I jumped off my low-carb kick for a brief moment Wednesday morning to meet with my fellow Rotarian Sage Robertson, a Financial Representative with Primerica at Einstein Bros. Bagels. (Love how Siri pronounces Bros., by the way). It was good to get together and share some networking tips with Sage, a recent JMU grad (GO DUKES!). Connect with Sage on Linkedin. #BeANetworker


Meredith and I talking Hops for Harvey with Kristen Smith on WRIC TV8 Wednesday.


In preparation for two BIG events on Thursday night, we “divided and conquered” RVA media outlets, with Kent, Meredith and I sharing duties and appearances on ABC 8 in studioCBS 6at The Veil and online with NBC 12 to plug our Hops For Harvey fundraiser at The Veil Brewing Co. Our friend and Aflac rep Bobby Kelland gets credit for the idea and a stellar interview with Jeff Katz at 1140WRVA.


Thursday, September 7: Big Night


If you were able to join the Main-iacs for the Hops For Harvey event at The Veil Brewing Co., thanks! It was a huge success and we were able to raise a lot of money for the American Red Cross. If you missed it, you can still make a donation online.


Meredith and Kent collected donations for the American Red Cross.


As you may have seen in the Richmond Times-Dispatch this week, our client VA Online Fantasy Sports launched its new daily fantasy sports platform on Thursday night. We headed over to Pop’s Bar & Grill for opening night and had a great time setting our fantasy lineups and watching Tom Brady get completely destroyed by the Kansas City Chiefs. I think you check check out Pop’s and VA Online Fantasy Sports Sunday for all the NFL action. I am currently winning the Salary Cap draft contest, and if I survive the weekend, I could pocket a cool $248.


Friday, September 8: Big Weekend


Kent is attending the Internship Recruiting Expo at VCU to scout talent for the spring semester. He’s also offering a “free lunch” to anyone that stops by our table. Ramen counts, right?


The office is a little quiet today because most of the Main-iacs are at Richmond Raceway for WhosYorDriver.org Race Weekend. We are supporting DRIVE SMART Virginia, and helping them spread the word about safe and sober driving. Stop by their tent on Saturday from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. to get your picture taken with the trophy for Saturday night’s Federated Auto Parts 400.


“You can never solve a problem on the level it was created.” — Albert Einstein