Weekly Report | “BOLO: David Wayne Saunders” | 7.28.17

I am (pause) Kent (part) Brockwell (PUNCH!!!)* and you are reading my words this week instead of Dave’s because Dave apparently left the country.


At this time, as far as we know, David Wayne Saunders‘ rapid departure from the U.S. wasn’t due to anything nefarious or sinister…once again, as far as we know. There are reports that he is going on “vacation” somewhere called the Isle of Man and that he will return next week…allegedly.


We are tracking his social media activity and, so far, everything appears to be normal. At the moment, his posts are following the typical pattern of vacation posting.


Exhibit A:



We attempted to call INTERPOL regarding Mr. Saunders’ shadowy disappearance, but we were redirected to a part-time janitor’s voicemail.


That is all the information we have at this time regarding Mr. Saunders’ whereabouts, but we will keep you updated as more information comes in. Until then, the following is your regularly scheduled Madison+Main Weekly Report.


* That was a not-so-veiled Dale Carnegie Training plug. I just finished week six of my training program and I’m trying my damnedest to “live the principles.” You hear that, JJ White! It’s working!!! It’s ALIVE!!!


Monday, July 24: Dough My! 


On Monday, our Media Planner/Account Exec. Meredith Mason met with our friends at Radio One for a brainstorming session for an upcoming project. 


Fun Fact: Carrie Deane, Radio One’s Senior Integrated Marketing Specialist, is also an amazing baker and loves to bring her homemade bread to meetings! Once again, she made delicious bread for this meeting, and Meredith brought back an extra slice for the interns to fight over.


We love our friends at Radio One! BTW, it’s Carrie Deane’s birthday today. Send her B-Day wishes!


Tuesday, July 25: A Very Brockwell Anniversary


This Tuesday marked Communications Manager Mr. Kent Brockwell‘s big one-year anniversary as a Madison+Main-iac, and I couldn’t be happier that he is a part of our team. We celebrated by ordering lunch from Chicken Fiesta and writing this entry as an example of how to talk about yourself in the third person. 


Or did that make it to the fourth? I’m not really sure. I’ll check with Kent.


Wednesday, July 26: Prepping for Pop’s


On Wednesday, we met with Mike Byrne, the new Director of Operations for Pop’s Bar & Grill, which will be the home of Virginia Online Fantasy Sports. He came by the shop to learn about all the fun things M+M is doing for them. Mike has been prominent figure in the RVA restaurant scene for many years (Tobacco CompanyRichbrau Brewing) and we are exited he is now part of the Pop’s team!


Thursday, July 27: A Dairy Good Day


Thursday was a fun day for us because we got to present some fun, new creative concepts to our client, Maola. They aren’t ready for their world premiere just quite yet, but we can’t wait to share them with you. We think they are so good, you may just [please hold for cow pun] jump over the moon!


Sorry Dave.


Friday, July 28: Early Release


So…here we are. Dave is gone. The rest of my co-workers are on our fantastic summer schedule, so they are gone, too. 


It’s just me alone in this building. And all of you on this email list.


And Dave’s cigar humidor…which is conveniently unlocked.


And Dave’s secret “fancy beer” fridge…which we thinks I don’t know about.


And Dave will be on a plane without Wi-Fi for about three more hours and has no idea.


So, I’m taking a page right out of the universal manual for substitute teachers. I’m going to put on a video for all of you, and I may or may not take a nap at my desk. Enjoy!



“‘I’m bored’ is a useless thing to say. You live in a great, big, vast world that you have seen none percent of.”

– Louis C.K.