Madison+Main’s Weekly Report | 3.31.17

B.G and A.G.

Hey folks,
Our calendar has essentially been the same since 1582, with the introduction of a Gregorian timeline, BC and AD. But in my life, I have been fortunate to live the first 31 years in B.G. and the last 18 in A.G. – and by that I mean Before Google and After Google.
Sometimes we take for granted just how much technology has changed our lives; the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we travel, the way we do business, and even the way we find our soul mates. (Think Match.com here, not Tinder.)
And one company – albeit a very large company – started it all. A massive $110,000,000,000 (that’s 110 billion dollar) juggernaut that basically cornered the market on information in the Information Age. The list of B.G. industries that are no longer around (or barely breathing) is staggering. Once upon a time I used the Yellow Pages and called 411 to find people. If I wanted to know something, I went to a library and consulted my Encyclopedia Britannica. Before 1998, I unfolded Rand McNally Maps to figure out where I was going and bought airline tickets at the airport. Imagine that! I had a Blockbuster card and bought CDs at Tower Records.
Today, we’re living BIG in A.G. I can do all of that – and much, much more – through something owned by, run by, managed by, or influenced by Google.
Ain’t life grand? Just Google it.
Monday, March 27: Go, Rams, Go! 
On Monday morning, my good friend John Jay Schwartz came by the office. You may know John as the “ultimate Ram,” as he was the voice of VCU basketball for many years. More recent Ram fans will recognize him as the “Man with Square Feet,” from the radio ads from his commercial real estate company here in RVA. John and I managed to squeeze in a few minutes to talk business, but mainly we just talked about basketball. 🙂

You may not have seen these ads, but many folks who buy medical equipment have this week. We think medical equipment is sexy, too. #BoldBrandsWin

Tuesday, March 28: Two Birthdays on Tuesday
On Tuesday, we celebrated two major milestone birthdays, with VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis “turning 29” and VP of Operations Molly Whitfield and her lucky husband Capt. Lee Whitfield welcomed a beautiful baby girl. Emily Marie Whitfield decided to join the world exactly as planned, on her due date. She weighed a healthy 9 lbs. 2 oz. and was 21 inches long.

Introducing Emily Marie Whitfield. #tada

Wednesday, March 29: Boleman Brands Win
Kara decided to celebrate her birthday with us in Richmond this week, and on Wednesday, we met with our friends at Boleman Law. We’re very excited about working more with the team at Boleman and learning more about “The Boleman Way.” With offices in Richmond, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, Boleman is Virginia’s largest consumer bankruptcy firm. Learn more at BolemanLaw.com.
Thursday, March 30: M+M + OAG 4 PSN RFP
On Thursday morning, we presented creative concepts for the Project Safe Neighborhoods campaign that we are working on with the Office of the Attorney General. We were pleased to host Mark Fero and Mary Vail Ware at our office and are very excited about working with them again.

Last night, Marketing and Partnerships Coordinator Sophie Fisher attended a cooking class at New Kent Winery conducted by Joe DeFazio. Reports are that she did more tasting than cooking. #MakeMineVirginiaWine

Friday, March 31: Who’s Your Driver? Matt.
Today I am writing the weekly report from beautiful downtown Martinsville, Virginia, home of the Alpha Energy Solutions 250 and the STP 500. Matt, Kent, and yours truly got up way before dawn and hit the road. We made Matt our designated driver. We are in town supporting our client, Drive Smart Virginia, and working on the Who’s Your Driver? campaign at Martinsville Speedway. The sun is out, and it’s a great weekend for racing. Be sure to follow Who’s Your Driver? on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see some familiar Madison+Main-iacs behind the scenes at the raceway.

Yours truly, Janet, and Matt are ready to roll in Martinsville for Who’s Your Driver?

“I have run, I have crawled. I have scaled these city walls, only to be with you. But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”
– Bono, U2