Madison+Main’s Weekly Report | 3.3.17

Traveling Man

Hey folks,
I’m in beautiful downtown Chantilly this week at a Rotary Conference. I’ll be in Pittsburgh next week, and then flying to Florida next month, and then Atlanta after that. In 2017, I’ll be a traveling man. Traveling used to be fun. It didn’t matter if it was a weekend away or a flight halfway around the world. Either vacation or business, I’d relish the fact that I could see great places and meet new faces. Airports were fun places before 9/11. You could arrive 15 minutes before takeoff and still make the flight. The airport bars were full of friendly faces and you could always get a double for a dollar more. Before 9/11 even the flight attendants were nice. They actually smiled and seemed genuinely happy to see you. Imagine that!

So this edition of the Weekly Report is coming to you live from the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles, where the parking lot is 1.5 miles away from the hotel and the in-room coffee tastes like a disgruntled Delta stewardess washed her hose in the coffee maker.

Monday, February 27 — Happy MOOOnday
Monday’s MMMMM (Madison+MainMonday Morning Meeting) was more like coffee with a few friends than a meeting. Kaitlin was on her honeymoon in Tahiti. Kara was on her deathbed in Blacksburg, and many others were OOO for a variety of reasons.
On Monday morning, I brought in Girl Scout cookies (thanks Sue) and FOUR — count them — 4 Addy Awards we won at Sunday’s American Advertising Federation show in Norfolk.

Cheers! Kent celebrates our big win at the AAF Addy Awards. #boldbrandswin

Tuesday, February 28 — #BoldBrandsWin

On Tuesday, our friends from Keith Fabry installed a new sign, and we made a time-lapse video, shot by Sr. Graphic Designer Kaity Carr and edited by Creative Director Art Webb. The video features a killer clown, Darth Vader, a space alien, an intern in a banana costume, and yours truly taking a selfie. #enjoy

Wednesday, March 1 — We’re Hiring!
Madison+Main is on grow, again. On Wednesday, we posted three new job positions on our website, and the resumes are flooding in. If you, or someone you know, is an absolute, hard-working, client-loving, rock star, check out these amazing opportunities.

I bet Sarah $5 that my beloved VCU Rams would beat her Richmond Spiders, then double or nothing. She paid the debt on Ash Wednesday with 1,109 pennies. #GoRamsGo

Thursday, March 2 — Renovation Station

I sent an offer to friends for free tickets to the Richmond Home + Garden Show this weekend at the Richmond Raceway Complex. Kent has been hard at work getting lots of positive PR this week, and Meredith wrangled together a killer media plan for this show. Our clients at Marketplace Events always produce a great show. Let me know if you want to go…I might have a couple extra tickets I could put at Will Call for you.
I’m one of 207 incoming Rotary Club presidents assembled near our nation’s capital this week. It’s a cool conference, where we learn how to manage a club, but yesterday the table turned, and I was asked to train a group of 35 Rotarians on social media marketing. #boldbrandswin
Friday, March 3 — Gotta Get Down on Friday

Today, I was in back-to-back meetings at the Rotary conference, and the only thing I was able to do work wise, was write this email. Is it 5 o’clock yet? I need a bourbon. 🙂
“”Bahala na,” as the Filipinos say, which is an untranslatable phrase containing the same germ of philosophy as the Arabic “inshalla” or the Spanish “mañana” or the English “you must have me mixed up with somebody who gives a sh^%”.” 
– P.J. O’ Rourke, Author & Humorist