Madison+Main’s Weekly Report | 2.17.17

The Cold Call is Dead

Hey folks,
The Wall Street Journal declared this more than a decade ago. Since then I’ve read dozens of articles on the same topic. Once in a while I get a new affirmation of what I’ve long thought; the cold call is dead. Why?
1. It doesn’t work. The Harvard Business Review reports that 90.9% of cold calls don’t work.
2. It annoys customers. There is a reason why the Federal Trade Commissionenacted the Do Not Call Registry 14 years ago.
3. It is time-consuming. Only 2% of calls result in a meeting.
4. It is expensive. Compared to other forms of marketing, cold calls cost 60% more per lead, according to Hubspot.The rise of networking and social networking as well as the popularity of inbound marketing and changing perceptions killed “The cold call.” With the exception of a handful old-school sales consultant hold-outs, sales and marketing professionals universally agree on this principle. Companies that rely solely on cold calls are either dead or dying… and their failure to accept the new rules of communications has doomed them. Yet every day, we get cold calls. Membership organizations, life insurance, software companies, non-profits, office supplies, etc.

Do the business development professionals with your company have the necessary tools and marketing support to drive sales? Or have you simply given them a phone list, a phone, and commanded them to start dialing? Bold Brands Win. Cold Calls Don’t.
Monday, February 13 – Even the Boss Gets Sick
I love my job. I love coming to work every day. So when I phoned in sick Monday, it was a rare occasion. If memory serves me correct, it was only the second time I’ve taken a sick day in the last decade. Apparently, things run smoother when I’m not in the office. We launched a new ad campaign for our friends at Auxo Medical, and we welcomed a new client, DRIVE SMART Virginia.

Auxo Medical’s new digital ad campaign. #BoldBrandsWin

Tuesday, February 14 – V-Day
On Tuesday, our friends at Vera’s Fine Jewelers were very busy dealing with procrastinating husbands and boyfriends who popped by the Midlothian-based jewelry store. Back at the corner of Madison+Main, we were busy working on their latest TV ad. Coach is coming back! Stay tuned.
I bought a red and pink heart tumbler filled with fancy European chocolates for Sue, but Jack forgot to get a Valentine’s present, and confiscated his mom’s. To make up for it, I took Sue out for a romantic VCU basketball game, and dinner at the bar at my favorite steak place, Morton’s. #ImSuchARomantic
Wednesday, February 15 – Lunch & Learn
Todd Mawyer, President of TK Promotions and Promotional Consultant Sam Valentine, dropped by Madison+Main on Wednesday to present at our monthly Lunch & Learn. We were impressed with Todd and his company, and wowed by the really cool promotional products they offer. You can learn more about Todd and TK Promotions on their website.
Last week, our team shot the latest in a series of online videos for our client FC Richmond, featuring half a dozen players showing off their skills. I found a clip of Senior Graphic Designer Kaity Carr who demonstrated that she still has some football skills.

Thursday, February 16 – Quirk-y Cocktails
For folks that read the Weekly Report on a regular basis, you know that we like to have fun, but rarely do you hear about spending most of the day working on boring stuff like RFPs. That is exactly what happened Thursday. But I was able to escape for lunch, thanks to my friend Harry Garmon, who treated me to a properly cooked hamburger at the Westwood Club, and introduced me to Gil Grattan, President of Virginia Green Lawn Care. As I’ve mentioned before in the Weekly Report, I’m a big fan of Virginia Green. After years of trying the DIY method on my lawn, I turned to the pros at Virginia Green and my lawn is the envy of the cul-de-sac.

The fine folks at Comcast Spotlight treated the Madison+Main-iacs to cocktails at Quirk Hotel. #FancySchmancy

Friday, February 17 – Go Rams, Go!
Up before dawn and home after dark. Casual Friday? Yeah, right. It’s another busy day at Madison+Main, but I will reward myself by scalping a ticket from a dejected University of Richmond Spiders fan tonight who doesn’t want to see his team lose to my beloved VCU Rams.
“Hello. May I speak to David Sanders, please?”
– Jerry, New Business Consultant