Madison+Main’s Weekly Report: 11/28/14

Gobble Gobble 

Hey Folks,


It looks like we all made it through Turkey Week, a little heavier than last week perhaps, but I hope you all had your fill of food, friends and family. I’m writing this week’s Weekly Report at the Chipotle in Charleston, South Carolina, by myself, huddled in a corner, desperate to eat anything other than turkey and hiding from the hoards of Black Friday shoppers. This year shops were open on Thanksgiving and I heard several reporters refer to it as “Brown Thursday,” so I figured “Why stop there?” I’m going to give every day of the week a color. That’s how we roll at Madison+Main.


Everyone wore black in honor of Black Friday, but Geoff refused to do the Sorority pose.


Monday, November 24th – This past Monday we’ll call Red Monday,” because we gave away bright red beach towels to friends and clients, along with Boldertone sunscreen.
A sneak peak at Madison+Main’s Holiday Gift. #BoldBrandsWin

I traveled up to “the Center of the Universe” aka Ashland on Monday morning to meet with our Partner John Fernandez and NBC 12’s Heather Sullivan. Heather interviewed John as part of a piece on World’s Best Cheesecake, which will tentatively air on Wednesday, December 3rd.
On Wednesday afternoon, I met with my old pal Jeff Stover and his team at the Virginia Department of Health. We’ve been working with his department since 2008 and we have a very “healthy” relationship with them.

Tuesday, November 25th – On “Turquoise Tuesday”, I wasn’t able to make it to Rotary, because I had an early morning new client meeting. On Tuesday we had a marathon Creative Meeting, getting work done for First Bank, World’s Best Cheesecake and Commonwealth Autism. Last year we created a really cool and unique gift for First Bank clients, the First Bank Employee’s Holiday Cook Book.
Last year’s First Bank Family Cook Book: Secret Desserts. 

Wednesday, November 26th – On “Periwinkle Wednesday,” we all worked half a day. Apparently all of the early holiday music on 100.9FM put me in the Holiday spirit already. 1) I let everyone work from home on Wednesday and 2) I let them have the second half the day off. I took advantage of my own generosity and headed South to Nana’s House.

We managed to drive all the way to South Carolina without stopping at South of the Border. #YouNeverSausageAPlace #You’reAlwaysAWeinerAtPedro’s. However, we did stop at the World Famous Triangle Waffle, in Dunn, North Carolina (Exit 73). The sign out front says:

Triangle Waffle.

Hamsteak & Eggs.


Closed Sundays.

They have the best breakfast and service on I-95, but I always feel like they are yelling at me because the sign is in all caps.

Thursday, November 27th – On “Brown Thursday,” We ate a lot. We watched some football. We played some Dysfunctional Family Bingo. #IWon. I resisted the temptation of early bird shopping and parked my butt on the couch.

Friday, November 28th – Today is Black Friday and despite my better judgement, we ventured out to the malls. Every time I see a Black Friday crowd I think of the poor reporter who broadcasts the Hindenburg Disaster #OhTheHumanity. I’m much more interested in Small Business Saturday, and I invite you to support these great clients of Madison+Main tomorrow, next week and next year:CowanGatesDavis & Green ElectricalFirst BankHowell’s Heating & AirRiverside TurfSpringdale at Lucy Corr VillageVera’s Fine JewelersVillage BankVirginia Ear, Nose & ThroatVirginia Women’s CenterWorld’s Best Cheesecake and Yard Works.


And while you’re at it this Holiday season, these awesome Non-Profit organizations could also use your support: Commonwealth AutismEmbrace RichmondLucy Corr Foundationthe Lighting Protection Institute and the National MS Society.


And if you’re looking for the gift that keeps on giving, remember you can always take the leftover Thanksgiving turkey and make “Turketti” with it. s legend would have it on Thanksgiving Day 1981, my Grandmother had cooked two 24-pound birds in anticipation of an enormous family feast. When only eight of us showed up at her house, she had pounds and pounds of leftover turkey. As a child of the Great Depression, she followed the “Waste Not, Want Not” Rule, on the days that followed she made and froze about a 100 packages of Turketti. From 1982 to 1997, she brought frozen bricks of Turketti to every family outing, including my wedding. And while she may be gone, the legend of Turketti lives on.
Blessings to you and your family, talk to you next week. 


– Dave Saunders