Introducing Our Fall 2014 Interns: Christine & Natasha

Christine Jean-Louis, Account Management Intern


I am a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University, studying advertising. I found myself in Richmond, Virginia all the way from Brooklyn, New York in search of something different… and I found it! Originally, I planned to enter VCU’s School of Arts and study Interior Design, but my passion for all things creative landed me in the lap of advertising.

I graduate in December and hope to gain experience from Madison+Main in order to prepare for the future in copywriting, client management and work with them efficiently and how to help clients reach their business goals.

Natasha Lucke, Graphic Design Intern


I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2013 with a BFA in Advertising Design. After graduating I left Atlanta and moved back to Richmond Virginia, where I took some much-needed R&R. But, by the time I spent the day in bed eating an entire large pizza and watching hours of Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman, I figured it was time to jump back into the creative world.

With some luck, I came to Madison+Main and began my internship, which I am hoping will put me on the right track towards a career. Outside of interning for a killer ad agency, I work on my culinary skills. My favorite thing to cook is a slow braised beef short rib in a red wine reduction, a recipe I came up with for Valentines Day. The story? I wanted to cook for my boyfriend; I started at 4pm… we ate at 2am. So other than being extremely stoked about working with awesome people and doing something I truly enjoy, I am also working on time management when it comes to cooking, per my boyfriend’s request.