Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – August 29th, 2014

Madison+Main-iac Mashup
Hi everyone,

The Main-iacs have taken over Dave’s Weekly Report again, thanks to the overwhelming response we got after our email last month.


But really — our fearless leader is off enjoying the long weekend with his son, Jack, in Ocracoke, so we’re holding down the fort at 101 E. Cary. When it came to writing the Weekly Report, each of us wanted the chance to share a little piece of our week with you. And so, without further ado…

Monday, August 25th (as told by MarCom Executive Sarah Murphy): If you’re an avid reader of the Weekly Report, you’re probably well aware of the “Madison+Main Monday Morning Meeting. In the meeting we share personal and professional success stories from the week prior, run through our collective “to-do” list and name one special Main-iac as the “Above and Beyond” Award Winner. This week’s winner was the lovely Casey Severinghaus, and so the following Haiku is written in her honor:

Above and beyond 

Casey C. Severinghaus

 is always going.

Tuesday, August 26th (as told by Account Executive Casey Severinghaus): On Tuesday afternoon, Dave and I had a great meeting with Melissa Ball at Ball Office Products. The gang at Madison+Main is looking forward to “getting the ball rolling” on some projects with them!

Later in the afternoon, Lindsey Durfee and I made our way over to the Diamond to hang with the Flying Squirrels for the Sponsor Appreciation Social. We enjoyed a picnic, some local beverages, raffle prizes (Lindsey was a WINNER!) and even had a chance to play catch on the field. Thanks to the Squirrels for the good time and good luck in the playoffs!


Have Funn, Go Nutz!

Wednesday, August 27th (as told by Account Executive Jessica Black): A few weeks ago we had a Lunch and Learn about Mind Mapping. Mind Mapping is a tool used to take notes and brainstorm to help make information more memorable. The key to Mind Mapping is using a combination of colors, pictures, and words. This gives a more visual picture and makes it easier to visualize notes, thus making it easier to recall data. It’s important to keep it to one word per branch (I’m still working on that part).

To help my fellow Main-iacs recall what we did this past Wednesday, I created a mind map!


As you can tell, Wednesday was a busy day for all

Thursday, August 28th (as told by Account Manager Kelley Miller): For most ofThursday, Art Director Geoff Glisson, Graphic Designer Kaity Byrum and I were on set at Yard Works filming lawn care tips with Yard Works spokesman Larry Newman. Larry did a phenomenal job even under the high noon sun. We are super excited to release the segments and thank to Larry for keeping us entertained all day. Larry is not only an expert in lawn care; he also has some great tips for a healthy marriage. Tip number one for men: you are always wrong. 🙂
You will be able to catch the Yard Works Tips of the Week on their YouTube page soon.

Friday, August 29th (as told by Marketing Administrator Lindsey Durfee): Hot diggity-dog! Happy Friday all you Weekly Report readers! Today was a very productive day at Madison+Main, plus we had two dogs in the office!

Meet Brie, Jessica’s Yorkie, who is approximately the size of a book. Specifically a 1,000-page book, such as the Game of Thrones or Harry Potter series.
Meet Ridgely, Casey’s dachshund, who is also miniature and super cute. He likes long walks around E Cary Street and the occasional dog biscuit.

So, who’s ready for #LaborDay weekend? We hope you all enjoy the long weekend.

The Madison+Main-iacs