Get to Know Your Account Manager: Kelley Miller!

By Account Manager Kelley Miller

Weapon of choice: Taser. Own one but have yet to use it.
What would she do for a Klondike Bar: Nothing! Why? What have you heard?
Favorite M+M moment: Tequila shots with my work bf, Lindsey Durfee, and the gents from Broadscope Media.
Favorite Words: Gams, Broads and Buttercup
Least Favorite Word: Moist (eck!)
Favorite article of clothing: Muscle t-shirts so I can show the muscles that are genetically impossible for me to grow.
What she wants to be when she grows up: Steve Perry from Journey
Favorite body part: My middle finger 🙂
Favorite City in the World: So far, Venice, Italy
Obsessions: Beets, Iceland, beef jerky, anything purple and vinyl shopping
What she can be found doing in her spare time: Perfecting her ugly guitar face at rock shows and taking photographs of ugly things and turning them into something beautiful