Introducing: Jessica Black!

By Account Executive Jessica Black 1911629_10201497194942990_1750182249_n My new role at Madison+Main is that of an Account Executive. Before coming to Madison+Main, I worked as a Marketing Assistant for Simon Property Group. Between that job and my start here I attended VCU for my Bachelor’s in Mass Communications, focusing on Creative Advertising. I then attended the VCU Brandcenter for my MSBA in Brand Management. Want to know more about me? I was born in Iceland in what they call a “White Out,” AKA a blizzard. If I could have another career it would be a Saucier, or a chef that makes sauces. I love condiments and love making sauces for meals I make at home.  I have a small dog named Brie, she’s a Yorkie. I try to replace as many words as I can with her name, like “BumbleBrie” instead of bumblebee or “zomBrie” instead of zombie. You get it. I run a male engagement blog to help men figure out what their girlfriends are actually looking for in a proposal and what they need to know about buying an engagement ring. I’m the resident wedding etiquette expert for my friends. Any questions they have about gifts, addressing invitations or outfits to wear, they come to me. I’m just a little wedding/married life obsessed. I’m excited to be working for Madison+Main because I really enjoy working with smaller businesses in a more entrepreneurial space. M+M seems like it will give me the ability to make an impact for business owners and help them reach their goals. Plus, the people seem pretty cool.