Madison+Main Weekly Report

Hey folks

In the meadow we can build a snowman

and pretend that he is Parson Brown,

He’ll say ‘Are you married?’ we’ll say, ‘No man,

but you can do the job when you’re in town.’

–  Walking in a Winter Wonderland

At Madison+Main this week, everyone was talking about the weather, worrying about the weather, planning for the weather, reacting to the weather, dealing with the weather or enjoying the weather. My week got started early as we traveled to historic downtown Winchester on Sunday to shoot some TV spots for First Bank. (I had to drive through flurries Sunday night because the Sharks had a late game Sunday afternoon – Jack and his team won both games HANDILY and are now 7-1 and going to the playoffs.)

Monday (2/10) – It was an 8am start for Account Executive Sammy Yatco and me Monday morning, and with the help of our friends at Broadscope Media we shot two ads on Monday, the first entitled, “The Open Road” and the second “Open for Business.” We got a chance to hang with Jamie and Greg from First Bank Monday night, and Sammy delivered the quote of the week: “UGGH,” (gulp) “it was smooth, but I just don’t like Tequila shots,” (deep breath) “I like Vodka shots.”

Meanwhile, back in Richmond, VP of Operations Molly Quarles was in charge and for once, all the trains ran on time.

Filming on location at Bonnie Blue in Winchester

Tuesday (2/11) – On Tuesday morning we switched production locations to beautiful downtown Mount Jackson, Virginia (population 2,017) and we shot our last ad called “Open a Bacon Account.” Back at Madison+Main, we were making contingency plans to deal with the weather. In other words, we were responding to all of our clients and vendors who canceled their appointments on Wednesday and Thursday. #SNOMG

The threat of weather did not deter the standing room only crowd who attended the Manchester High School combined choral concert, featuring Touch of SwingHattie’s show choir. She had a big solo to start the show and she NAILED ITGirls just wanna have fu-un! 

*Programs were generously designed and printed by RVA’s most civic-minded marketing agency, Madison+Main.

Wednesday (2/12) – On Wednesday, despite Polar Vortex III, the snow held off long enough for us to get in a full day of work. At 8am I joined colleagues with the Virginia Council of CEOs at the Bull and Bear Club for a very productive meeting. Afterwards I ordered the perfect winter weather warm-up lunch (extra spicy Panang Curry)  then raced off to the Center of the Universe (aka Ashland) to deliver new TV concepts to one of our favorite clients, Howell’s Heating and Air.

Just as WXRisk.com weatherman Dave Tolleris predicted, the snow started falling an hour before our Media Mixer started. We had record attendance at Postbellum: 14 brave, hearty souls who decided that drinking was more important than sledding.

Speaking of brave souls, Lindsey “Go Rams Go” Durfee joined me at the Siegel Center to watch my beloved Rams trounce the GW Colonials 92-75.

Lindsey Durfee questions a call by the refs at the VCU game

Thursday (2/13) – On Thursday morning, we shuttered the office and most of the Madison+Main-iacs worked from home in their pajamas. I only worked half a day and then proceeded to act like a teenager in the afternoon, hooking up a tow-strap to my Jeep and dragging the neighborhood kids around on sleds until they were too cold and wet to continue.

The only sad thing about not being at work Thursday was missing Dorsey McFadden‘s one year work anniversary. Congrats, D-Mac!

Friday (2/14) – My Valentine’s Day gift to everyone at work was to give them another snow day. My beautiful bride Sue got a heart-shaped box of truffles and a dozen red roses… from Walmart. C’mon, it was one of the only places open during the #Snowpocalypse. I am a hopeless romantic — snow or no snow.

I am writing this email to you on the way to Wintergreen, where there is apparently 19 feet of snow. We are looking forward to a great weekend with Jonathan and Melissa Ball, owners of Ball Office Products.

Yes, we’re going to have a ball with the Balls. #ILoveAGoodPun

Punxsutawney Phil was right. Dave Tolleris was right. But the Weather Channel got it wrong.

Jack says, “Wintergreen got more snow than Midlothian”

Got Biscuits?

David Saunders
President & Chief Idea Officer