Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders

This week’s edition of the Weekly Report is brought to you by the Madison+Main Fab Five: Account Manager Kelley Miller, Account Executive Sammy Yatco, Senior Account Manager Katie Hurst, VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis and Account Executive Sarah Dawes.

Dave isn’t writing the report this week because he is spending the weekend with his son down in Ocracoke, North Carolina. Here is a video of them riding the ferry on the way to Ocracoke. And since this is our last full week of work with Sarah Dawes before she becomes Sarah Murphy, the keyword of the week is “Sarah.”

Monday (7/22) – By Account Manager Kelley Miller.

This week, I attended my second ever Madison+Main Monday Morning Meeting. In the meeting we announced the winners of our first Intern Viral Video Challenge. Congratulations to first place winners Creative Intern Alana Robinson and Account Management Intern Matt Richardson! It was a close call but click here to watch the winning video. Later that afternoon, Account Executive Sarah Dawes, Dave and I met with CEO Susan Shackleford from Virginia ENT to discuss some exciting new marketing opportunities!

(Sarah Dawes Fact – Did you know, I just met Sarah Dawes and she’s very nice!)

Tuesday (7/23) – By Account Executive Sammy Yatco.

On Tuesday morning, VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis, Dave and I met with CFO Mike Closter and Service Manager Tracy Parrish from Howell’s Heating and Air to discuss their upcoming sponsorship with ESPN 950 AM for the Redskins Training Camp. If you aren’t able to attend the camp, be sure to tune into ESPN 950 AM for live coverage from the Redskins Training Camp!

Later that afternoon, Digital Marketing Manager Dorsey McFadden and I met with Dana White and Victoria Lamm from M. L. Bell Construction for a social media training. Be sure to welcome M. L. Bell to Facebook by liking their page!

(Did you know, Sarah Dawes loves bananas as much as pistachios? If you need a last-minute wedding present, bananas will do the trick!)

Wednesday (7/24) – By Senior Account Manager Katie Hurst.

Well folks, I have the pleasure of sharing this week’s Wednesday summary! The day started off with a light crew because a few of us were out shooting video tips for YardWorks. If you’re looking for DIY lawn, mowing or watering tips, be on the look out for the videos!

Dave and I spent Wednesday afternoon with Lee Kallman from Richmond 2015. If you don’t know by now, Madison+Main is VERY bike-friendly these days 😉 and we are excited about the prospect of working with Richmond 2015! The day ended when Kara came in from the Blacksburg office; she drove all the way here to join me for Mellow Mushroom and wine. #awesome

(By the way, did you know that Sarah Dawes’ middle name is Todd?)

Thursday (7/25) – By VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis.

On Thursday, Dave, Katie, Sarah, Kelley and I presented our marketing strategy to our new client, Uptown Alley. It was a great meeting with the awesome Uptown team and we can’t wait to get started with their campaign!

On Thursday afternoon, Dave and I met with Laurie Aldrich, Executive Director of the Virginia Wineries Association, to present our concepts for their new program. We are excited, so be on the look out! Later on, the Madison+Main-iacs gathered at Capital Ale House to surprise Sarah with a wedding shower. She was certainly surprised; thanks to Operations and Marketing Administrator Amy Dufour for helping us conspire! Check out the surprise here.

(Did you know, Sarah Dawes has a Corgi named Griffin?)

Friday (7/26) – By Account Executive Sarah Dawes.

Mornings are always better when donuts are involved, and this morning Kara brought Dixie Donuts in for the entire team to enjoy. The rest of my day has been spent at my battle station up on the third floor with Marketing Administrator Lindsey Durfee’s pup Whiskey roaming the room. Last Friday at Madison+Main as a single lady and I’m feeling good.

(Did you know that I have some seriously awesome coworkers?! #MadisonMain4Lyfe)

See you on the flip side,

The Madison+Main-iacs