Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders

It was a challenging week for everyone, but we got through it. When I opened up my Richmond Times-Dispatch it seemed like there was bad news every day. Blasts in both Boston and Texas filled the airwaves, terrorist manhunts flowed for 24 hours a day on CNN and most Americans got a big shock when they filed their taxes on Monday. Despite all of this, the Madison+Main team continued to work throughout the week, but our thoughts with those effected by Monday’s horrific events.

Monday 4/15 – In the midst of all the bad news, PR Account Executive Sarah Dawes and I were able to get some good news out about our client C&F Bank. Gail Letts, formerly of SunTrust, was named Richmond Regional President and we were able to get coverage from Richmond BizSense to The Wall Street Journal. Congrats to Gail and the C&F team!

On Monday afternoon, Producer Scott Harris, Graphic Designer Colleen Festa, Account Services Coordinator Sammy Yatco, Production Assistant Peter Burkart and I travelled to Strasburg to do some last minute scouting for First Bank’s new TV spot. We stayed at the “hauntingly” beautiful Hotel Strasburg.

Meet Gus, the star of the new First Bank TV spot!

Tuesday 4/16 – On Tuesday morning, VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis moved “burgs,” driving up from Blacksburg to join us in Strasburg. Again, we were blown away by the talented employees at First Bank.

Here’s a travel tip: if you’re ever in Strasburg, check out the Hi Neighbor Country Restaurant for breakfast. It’s Delicious with a capital D, and yes, they do make homemade scrapple and “puddin’ meat.”

Although I missed my Tuesday morning Midlothian Rotary meeting, I was able to kill two birds with one stone by doing a “make-up,” and when the Strasburg Rotary weekly speaker canceled at the last minute… I was pressed into service. My speaking fee is now down to a plate of chicken pot pie and a glass of sweet ice tea. Just kidding. I do have reasonable rates for speaking and if you would like to book me to speak at your event, just visit my personal blog at madmain.com or call Marketing Administrator Lindsey Durfee at (804) 521-4141.

Wednesday 4/17 – On Wednesday I got a late start because of an early morning doctors appointment. Bad news… I gained 5 pounds. Good news… my blood pressure is 112 over 70. Well, the doc said it was good.

I worked hard on several web and TV campaigns on Wednesday then headed out to Capital Ale House at Innsbrook on Wednesday night to celebrate my low blood pressure by lifting a bunch of pints at Madison+Main’s April Mixer. Thanks to all who came out, it was a great time! Be sure to save the date on May 15th for the next mixer. I’ll fill you in on the time and place in next week’s Weekly Report.

Thursday 4/18 – On Thursday, I worked on a sequel to Howell’s award winning “Way Too Comfortable” TV ad and the whole team is very excited about the concept. 24 hours later… my face still hurts from laughing.

Friday 4/19 – And now I am sending out the Weekly Report halfway through a busy Friday. I had a great meeting with my old friend Molly MacBean of Circle Center ADS this morning and we are excited about the prospect of working with her and the organization. I was also happy that my friends from WTVR-Channel 6 popped by at lunchtime. CBS6 Anchor Lorenzo Hall dropped by to chat about social media and its role in this week’s terrorist bombing in Boston. Be sure to watch Channel 6 at 6:00 and 11:00 tonight to see my fat face in full HD glory.

Lindsey just told me that I need to get back to work, so I’ll sign off now.

Have a great weekend. One last tip… Sunday night is Prime Rib Night at all Capital Ale House locations, and I’m no mathematician but BEER + MEAT = HEAVEN. Click here for the low-down on Cap Ale’s Sunday Night Special.

Hasta La Pasta,

Dave Saunders