Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Graphic Designer Colleen Festa

It’s me, Colleen Festa, Graphic Designer at Madison+Main, pinch-hitting for Dave on this week’s Madison+Main’s weekly report. He asked me to pass along info to you all this week while he is on Spring Break with his family. Dave’s writing style is quirky and funny, but as you see my writing style is much more simple and straightforward, so I apologize if this week’s email is not chalk full o’ jokes. Since Dave is probably reading this e-mail on his iPhone, I know that I’ll have to throw in at least one joke. Enjoy the report and I’ll try to come up with something by the end of this email.

Monday 4/1 – Monday started off quiet, but we perked up when Kara Forbis, VP of Brand Strategy, came in town to whip the group into shape.

There was only a little April Fooling at Madison+Main, starting off with Graphic Design Intern Justin Long strategically placing diapers around the kitchen and blaming the weird smell on a “spilt yogurt” when questions starting arising. You can also check out our top picks from April Fool’s Day pranks around the web here on our blog.

Tuesday 4/2 – On Tuesday, Account Executive Sarah Dawes sent our interns out on a strange mission: to hunt down a dozen ceramic piggy banks. Why, you may ask? At Madison+Main, we don’t just disseminate press releases on wires or via email (nor do we just send interns out on coffee or lunch runs). We are always looking for unique ways to grab people’s attention, and this week, piggy banks were it.

Our client C&F Bank announced the launch of their newest mobile banking product on Monday: I-Deposit24. With I-Deposit24, C&F bankers have the ability to deposit checks directly to their checking accounts with just a snap of their mobile phones. To help spread the word about this awesome new product, we stuffed a dozen C&F branded piggies with the press release and sent them out to every major publication from Richmond to Norfolk. The result? Lots of giggles and a whole lot of press mentions.

Wednesday 4/3 – On Wednesday, Art Director Jeff Smack spent the day at Snagajob Headquarters with The Greater Richmond Chamber’s Leadership Lab. The Lab is a team-based leadership program presented by Luck Companies. After a morning work shop, Charlie Luck stopped by to speak with the group and share some insights around core values, culture and adaptation in his relationships both personal and professional.

Jeff has been thrilled to participate in this incredible program and comes back to Madison+Main after every session eager to practice and share some fresh understanding with the team.

Thursday 4/4 – Thursday was an exciting day for the Madison+Main Account Team as they attended HYPE’s Annual 804UM held at the Capital One Campus. The theme was the Past, Present and Future. They heard inspiring stories from Christy Coleman, President of the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar, who said “The past isn’t something to be left behind us, it is something that should propel us.” They also heard from Katherine Busser, EVP & Chief Operational Risk Management Officer at Capital One, who asked them what they thought their futures would look like and what the future of Richmond would be. While her job involves mitigating and even trying to avoid risks altogether, she encouraged the attendees to take risks “when everyone else would have backed off but you decide to keep going.”

The highlight of day for Client Service Coordinator Sammy Yatco was hearing John and Sherry from Young House Love (a DIY blog) talk about becoming “accidental entrepreneurs”. After they spoke, she even mustered up the courage to talk to them. They also replied to her tweet!

The Main-iacs, event speakers and other young professionals meet at HYPE to continue encouraging our team to find what we’re passionate about, take risks and “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Friday 4/5 – Today I started my morning off with a coffee run to prepare myself for a fun-filled “being-Dave-for-a-day” Friday. I came to the office ready to take on everything…but my caffeine high was cut short when I logged in and realized I am currently second to last place in the Madison+Main bracket. After that, it was time to get down to business.

I spent my day reading through several reports, writing copy, recording radio ads and attending a bajillion meetings. It was a good thing I started my day off with a coffee, because it’s tiring being Dave! Come next week I will gladly hand the title back over to Dave and return to the creative studio.

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad this isn’t Dave?

Have a great weekend folks!

Colleen Festa, on behalf of Dave Saunders.