Madison+Main Got Fooled…

By Lindsey Durfee, Marketing Administrator

Yesterday, all of the Madison+Main-iacs woke up to clear skies, warm weather and a lot of interesting chatter in the break room. Did you hear? Gmail is going blue? YouTube is going out of business? And Google apps found a way to send scented messages?

Then we all looked at a calendar and realized that, alas, we had been April Fooled. Here are the Madison+Main top 5 April Fools picks from the web:

#1 “YouTube’s ready to select a winner”

 We were shocked to find out that YouTube was just a hoax! According to the video, the eight-year contest to identify “the best video ever created” would be coming to an end on April 1, 2013. Initially, everyone at Madison+Main was okay with this change because we knew that one of our videos would win.

#2 “BMW gets into strollers”

BMW was proud to announce their limited edition BMW P.R.A.M. (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile) April 1st, available for your new baby girl or boy. This baby mobile features a soft-top convertible, 2 and 4-wheel drive, air conditioning and extendable flagpoles, perfect for the newest member of England’s royal family.

#3 “Twitter charges $5 per month to use vowels”

Twitter claimed to be condensing its conversation so that Twitter folks can get more out of their 140 character tweets. Say goodbye to A, E, I, O and U. @madisonmain Aprl Fl’s!

#4 “Toshiba gets a console”

Yes, you heard it correctly. Toshiba has joined the gaming console industry with their release of “The Shibasphere,” and it is out to beat the market share from Nintendo, PlayStation and Microsoft.


#5 “Scope Bacon Mouthwash”

Simply put, who doesn’t love bacon?


Some of our runners-up include Headphones for Cats, Seamless.com offers “Deluxe Delivery”, ModCloth How-To Instagram, RunKeeper for iPad, etc.

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