Find a Job Using Social Media

By Jovan Coker, Account Management Intern

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or a laid-off Vice President of a Fortune 500 company, there’s one thing that we can all agree on: finding a good job is very difficult nowadays.  I didn’t really understand how bad the job market was until a few weeks ago when I ran into a high school classmate’s father who he had lost his job of 20 years, forcing him to take on a lower paying job. Today, he and his 17-year-old daughter are currently making the same wages.

The simple truth is that you’re competing with dozens, sometimes hundreds of other candidates for one prized position. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have become great ways to set you apart from other candidates. Employees have been hired simply because they were brave enough to directly contact CEOs and other decision makers through social media. If you want a great success story ask me know I landed at Madison+Main.

Be Bold

At Madison+Main, we encourage our clients to go on a quest for boldness. Now we’re encouraging job applicants to head in the same direction.

•Personalize your resume, and don’t be afraid to be bold and creative.

•It’s in the details! Changing word fonts and adding hints of color to your resume can increase the chance of getting noticed while still remaining professional.

•Showcase your skills in a way that will grab a company’s attention. I earned this internship by creating a resume that looked like a Facebook page. I also sent Madison+Main a 2x3ft poster of my picture. It’s hard to miss and certainly got the Main-iacs’ attentions. It also allowed me to showcase my imagination and talents.

•Show a company what you have to offer. It’s not about wanting a job; it’s about being able to add value to a company.

•Market yourself. You are your biggest brand until you land a job so market yourself accordingly.

•Be confident in your skills. If you want a company to believe in you, first you must believe in yourself.