The Best of RVA: Soup

By Jon Glomb, Account Services Coordinator Intern

Good evening and welcome to this weeks rendition of the Madison+Main The Best of RVA blog series!

The weather this past week leads us to believe that RVA might actually have a winter coming, unlike last year. It was cold on Monday and I even saw my breath (folks from northern regions, please hold your remarks). For Richmond… it has been cold. And when I think of the cold I immediately think of heavy flannels, warm fires, gaining 14 pounds and above all else, SOUP. Whether it’s a cup of chicken noodle that sparks nostalgia from your childhood, or a massive bowl of Pho after a night of debauchery, soup is in season and Richmond has plenty of it.

Katie Hurst, Account Manager: “Crab and asparagus soup from Mekong. The soup is pretty unexpected from a place that specializes in pho and rice noodle bowls, but it’s how I always start any meal at Mekong.”

Jeff Smack, Art Director: “Palani Drive on Libbie Avenue near Grove has phenomenal tomato parmesan soup pretty much every day all year. It’s so good; they should sell it in take home jugs. Also, if you get a seasonal cold, their chicken noodle is the best in town.”

Ted Gregson, Creative Intern: “Thai Diner Too in Carytown has an amazing spicy noodle soup. Ask for it Thai hot and make sure to have an extra ice water or two on hand.”

Molly Quarles, VP of Operations: “Edo Squid has fantastic lentil soup among their many other amazing dishes. It’s one of my favoriteRichmondrestaurants that never disappoints. Just be sure to get there early to get a table!”