Where Creative Marketing Strategies Meet Common Sense

Intersection Marketing: bring Madison Avenue marketing ideas to your Main Street business. Madison+Main stands at the crossroads of creativity and common sense. We’re a fully-integrated creative powerhouse with one focus: you. Hard working, hand-crafted strategies that aim for excellence and settle only for first place.

Beneath the surface of your business there lies a story to be told; a rhyme and a reason for its very existence. Your story is your brand.

How you relay this story shapes your brand. Are you using the right voice? Is anyone listening?

Our in-house team uses exclusive methodologies to identify your brand’s greatest strengths and offer solutions for its toughest challenges. Crafted from fundamental marketing techniques and tricked out with today’s technology, the end result is groundbreaking strategies that win time after time.Some agencies specialize in one type of advertising. We do it all: from web to radio, TV to direct mail, social media to affinity partnerships, guerilla marketing and beyond. Why? Because the story you tell is only as effective as the way you’re telling it.

With us your brand gets the attention it deserves. With us your brand blows away your competition.Madison+Main: Industry-recognized leaders and new media expert craftsmen. Our work speaks for itself and we’re proud of the stories they tell. And we’d like to hear yours.