2010 Shorty Awards: Richmond Brings the A-Game

Dave Saunders @madmain, Jonah Holland @lewisginter, and Troy Bell @flack4ric

Richmond, VA 2010 Shorty Awards VIP Party: Finalist Dave Saunders @madmain (left), Winner Jonah Holland @lewisginter (center), and Finalist Troy Bell @flack4ric (right)

Flashbulbs, trophies, celebs, and…Sesame Street? Yes, these were the makings of 2010’s Shorty Awards, the Twitter community’s answer to the Oscar Awards. The Shorty Awards works to honor the most movin’-est and shakin’-est among the Twitter fellowship – the types of people who use the social media platform for its original intents and purposes – to inform, to educate, and to entertain. Shorty Awards are an exercise in democracy: the community nominates its most outstanding members. Voting is presided over by the prestigious Real-Time Academy; a group of pioneers in journalism, technology, business and culture. It’s just you, your twitter handle, and from a few thousand of your closest peers.

For the second year in a row Madison+Main’s very own Chief Idea Officer, Dave Saunders, was a finalist in the “Advertising” category. Arguably the most important Shorty Award category, in our humble opinion, the Advertising category is made up of agencies and individuals all tweeting in the name of idea-sharing and brand awareness.

Though our beloved Dave did not make it this year (next year, baby), you can still check him out on Twitter- via handle @madmain – and follow his advertising goodness 140 characters at a time. Meanwhile, check out some other Richmond locals who received Twitter nods: @VaStateParks, @AustinPrime, and @Flack4RIC for their own respective categories. Hearty Congratulations for @LewisGinter for snagging the award in the Cultural Institution category! See you in 2011, tweeps!