Feeds the Need

Posted by Jeff Smack, Art Director

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I’ve recently realized that much of the general public is not taking advantage this RSS’s convenience. If you’re one of them you really have no idea what you’re missing. If you have a gmail or yahoo account you already have a feed reader your not using! Just login and search it.

Setting up a feed reader is like creating your own personal newspaper that updates in real time all day, every day. I get minute to minute news for everything from global politics to sports news to what bands are coming to some of our local venues. I also get status feeds from my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

If you’re using a current browser, any website with an RSS icon in the URL bar has a feed you could be subscribing to. See the one above? The blue box. Click that. Or go to the bottom of our page and click the “subscribe” link.

There are plenty of options but the Google Reader is free and easy. There are countless readers for mobile devices too. I’m using manifesto for iPhone. It’s the first one I tried and I like it. Post a comment if you have an opinion.

If you don’t want to try it out just come back to this blog and we’ll try to clue you in to some of what we’re digging on ours.