To Follow, or not to Follow. To Qwit or not to Qwit

To Follow, or not to Follow
If you’re not on Twitter, you may as well just hit the small red X in the top right corner now and leave. This post has no meaning or value for you.
Imagine getting the following e-mail:

SharpStick is now following your updates on Twitter.

Who the Sam Hill is SharpStick? Why is he following me? Do you go and check out his/her profile? Do you follow him/her back, I mean, c’mon that’s good twitter etiquette, right? Friend or foe? To follow or not to follow? That is the question, at least in the new media age.

My advice: be careful who you follow. Check ’em out first. They could be this aptly named Twittererhttps://twitter.com/Chickidiot62,  
Her only offense? Being completely and utterly boring. As evidenced by 2 followers and multiple “i love my boyfriend” tweets.

www.FriendOrFollow.com is cool new tool that exposes what I am calling “hypo-twits” (hypocrites on Twitter), I thought I’d share with you. You log on and and see a list of people that follow you on Twitter and those you follow. Let’s say you aren’t getting love from people you follow. Run the list and zap them.

No one likes a Qwitter

Especially on Twitter.
As your list of followers grows, its hard to keep track of who is “qwitting.”  Qwitters are folks who sign up and follow you for a while and for whatever reason, they stop. Did you say the wrong thing? Were you not interesting enough? Did they confuse you with someone else? Maybe, you’ll never know. Maybe, this tool can help narrow the gap.  UseQwitter.com
Imagine getting the following e-mail:
John Gruber (gruber) stopped following you on Twitter after you posted this tweet:

What’s the difference between Arial and Helvetica?

So why did John de-twit you?
A) You are boring.
b) Your are not so bright.
c) He looks at the world in Times New Roman.
d) all of the above. 
More applications for Twitter.com, as I find them. Or get them instantly by following me, www.twitter.com/madmain 
Tomorrow: Twittiquette. Etiquette for Twitter users.