Online ads as entertainment?


We’ve all seen it and probably have all used it. More and more, I find people’s voice, creativity and personality as a major source of entertainment. I was looking at the ads posted by photographers and came across this one.

“… looking for an attractive model (no experience necessary) to model for me. I don’t have any fancy equipment now but I do have some good photo editing software and want to practice with that, but first I need some good looking ladies. I have a house near the river and offer a laid-back, non-weird environment!  Hit me up- it doesn’t hurt to try- if you are skeptical we can email back and forth for a bit and I can send you some pictures of myself. I know there are a lot of weirdos out there!”

There is also a list of the “Best of Craigslist” with hundreds of off the wall entries. Here is just one of the many. Enjoy.

“…I need a triple bypass surgery and want to have it done ASAP. We don’t have any funds at the moment, but I’ll have a friend videotape the whole procedure, and you can have a copy of the DV tape. We’re also planning to pitch the idea to some honchos at HBO, so you’ll be in on the Ground Floor!”