Circuit City Hits a Home Run With Latest New Media Offering

With their stock in a freefall caused by stiff competiton from retail innovator Best Buy, Richmond-based Circuit City finally hits one out of the park on the creative side. Their ads have been a little “conservative” over the past years, I would say (and of course, you would nod in agreement).

But I guess when the chips are down, Fortune 500 companies will try just about anything…
Circuit City seems to be jumping into new and socail media in a big way, after years of dabling in dead-end ventures from 2nd Life to a really so-so web campaign. So I say MEGA kudos to the big brains in their marketing department that came up with this latest initiative and I’d also like to tip my hat to their production company….also done internally by the CC folks. You have to see this new viral video. The 2 minute video is funny, absurd, edgy, and “totally awesome,” and with less than 24 hours online, its hit 3K hits on Youtube. I predict half a million views in the next 2 weeks. A million if they had promoted it better (the keywords are minimal, the poster CandyMan1957 is new and has no rating yet, or other videos and a few minor things I would done differently, but all in all a good solid first effort).

Totally classic. Nicely done. Hope you enjoy.