interesting reads about social media…

Read #1:
Great article yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, citing examples of several business that have banded together to extend their marketing reach through social media.

We’ve been saying small business should leverage the power of social media since ’05.
Check it here.

Read #2
My rants about (and unsolicited advice for) the Richmond Times-Dispatch always have received monster site traffic to this blog…there’s a lot of people who want to read it apparently.
Richmond Magazine reporter Bill Farrar has just done an outstanding job in the August issue, explaining “the newly re-wired RTD.”
If you didn’t pick up a copy yet, read the entire article, entitled, “Rewiring the Times-Dispatch, As the Richmond Times-Dispatch races to bridge the gap between the newstand and the internet, how will affect the region’s news coverage?”
…you can read it here.

And Mr. Farrar must be a smart and handsome man , because he quoted me extensively in his article.
It begins “New media expert David Saunders…”
I like the sound of that.
Thanks Mr. Farrar.

Read #3
…is also self-promotional, self-serving, BUT SHOULD BE of some interest to Richmonders.
Check out the Greater Richmond Partnership’s photo contest at www.MyGreaterRichmond.com. Sponsored in part by Madison+Main and Ukrop’s, the contest has almost 600 photo entries already on Flickr vying for the $2,000 prize. It’s been picked up this week by lots of local media, like the Chesterfield Observer.