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The Right Way to Manage Your Business Profile with LinkedIn - Madison+Main
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The Right Way to Manage Your Business Profile with LinkedIn

By Digital Marketing Intern Emily Pickering

With LinkedIn having over 200 million professionals, business owners shouldn’t underestimate its potential as a networking, reputation management and lead generation tool. Here’s a look at our top 3 recommendations for business owners using LinkedIn.


Fill Out Your Company Profile Completely – this is an incredibly important in setting up a professional and credible presence.

– Utilize keywords in your description to maximize your reach

– Get customer recommendations to show off your expertise

– Make sure to include a complete list of services as well

– Use LinkedIn to follow up with new B2B connections

Cultivate & Nurture Your Network – authentic interactions can be the foundation of a healthy presence on any social network. LinkedIn is no different as businesses can share updates just like individuals.

– Update regularly with engaging content (i.e. industry articles, videos etc.) in order to maximize to drive traffic to your website

– Link with fellow business owners and similar industry groups to share valuable advice and garner leads

– Utilize your own LinkedIn group to start conversations with potential customers, ask questions and have conversations along the way to showcase your company’s knowledge

Employee Networking – encouraging employees to use LinkedIn in a smart way can turbo charge your company’s LinkedIN presence.

– Ensure each employee has a complete profile and correct company listing

– Encourage your employees to request recommendations and provide endorsements to others

– Give endorsements to your employees for their professional skills to add to your brand’s professional reputation

These are just a few tips for businesses and professionals using LinkedIn. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on LinkedIn, Facebook, @madisonmain or if you have any questions or need any assistance with your social media!