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Who’s Your Driver?

Who’s Your Driver? is a sober and safe driving initiative that was started by DRIVE SMART Virginia, a non-profit organization with a mission to eliminate alcohol-related crashes and to educate citizens on safe driving practices. The Who’s Your Driver campaign included a safe driving pledge, social media content and promotion opportunities, event sponsorships, live activation at events, and a website, all of which run throughout the NASCAR racing season as well as at several motorsports tracks throughout Virginia.

Race fans holding "Who's Your Driver" signage

The challenge

Madison+Main was tasked with focusing our efforts on 18-34-year-old rural, truck driving males, which studies show contribute to a large portion of the alcohol-related crashes in Virginia. Besides ensuring that their media spend reached the target demographic, the client also wanted to increase their presence at numerous motorsports events throughout the state and increase participation in their Safe Driving Pledge.

The approach

In addition to fulfilling the existing sponsorship partnerships that DRIVE SMART Virginia had with race tracks across the state, M+M placed paid media on Facebook and Twitter with three goals. The first goal was general awareness to promote sign-ups for the pledge among our target audience. The second goal was geo-targeted ads that were targeted around the race tracks where DRIVE SMART Virginia had a physical presence. The last goal was to increase participation in the VIP experiences.

Throughout our work, we found that Who’s Your Driver? engaged fans and followers from our target audience on multiple platforms. They participated in the VIP Experience through more than one activity and communicated with us on social content.

Madison+Main created social media content that, through geo and psychographic targeting techniques, enticed targeted users to take the Safe Driving pledge and to participate in the VIP experiences.

The results

Traffic to the website from social media increased 346.51% during the campaign, resulting in more than 5,000 Virginians signing the sober driver pledge. 

Facebook visits more than doubled during the campaign. Overall, the campaign exceeded expectations in every trackable metric: likes, shares, social interactions, website interaction, and pledge sign-ups. 

Based on success in 2017, DRIVE SMART Virginia re-engaged Madison+Main to create a new program called “What’s Your Game Plan?,” which forged a partnership with the Washington Football Team at their training camp in Richmond. We also introduced on-site activation at Virginia Tech sporting events in 2018, which made news across Southwest Virginia, one of the main areas we have been trying to reach with sober driving messaging.

Who's Your Driver Website

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