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Trash Fairies
Hiring Campaign

For tenants in household complexes throughout the country, an ongoing frustration is hauling trash to the dumpster. Trash Fairies — a valet trash and recycling company based in Richmond, Virginia — solves the age-old debate of “Whose turn is it?” and provides clean, safe, reliable doorstep trash and recycling pickup for multi-family households. In other words, they specialize in making trash disappear, enabling property managers to attract new residents and improve retention rates.

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The challenge

Since Trash Fairies was founded in 2013, they have experienced incredible growth — from servicing 81 units in Virginia to more than 53,000 units across 11 states in the southeast U.S. in 2021. With that success comes the need for additional crew members, or “Trash Fairies,” to service these household complexes. In recent years, hiring and employee retention have been increasing concerns for businesses across the country, and Trash Fairies was no exception. Trash Fairies was searching for a bold solution and that’s where Madison+Main stepped in.

The approach

Madison+Main got the exciting opportunity to work with Trash Fairies on bolstering their hiring efforts in August of 2021. The Trash Fairies team was solely posting job openings on Facebook and sharing them primarily through boosted organic posts. This forced the Trash Fairies leadership team to gather information via Facebook Messenger, phone calls, text messages, emails, and Facebook comments. It was time-consuming and tedious, so Madison+Main saw an opportunity to gather potential employees’ information in a simpler way: Facebook Lead Form advertising.

By using Facebook Lead Form ads and a complex targeting strategy, we served ads to specific audiences based on geographic and demographic criteria. Within two weeks, Madison+Main created an ad set that could be used across multiple locations, built a targeting strategy to optimize campaign results, and launched their campaign. Talk about magic.

The results

After only one month, Trash Fairies received 674 leads across 21 cities, and the click-through rate (CTR) on their ads was 5.32% (the benchmark CTR for ads across all of Facebook is 0.9%).

After four months, Madison+Main’s Lead Form campaign for Trash Fairies had produced 1,834 applicants across 34 cities in 11 states. Through compelling copy, thoughtful design, strategic targeting, and continuous campaign monitoring, this Lead Form campaign was anything but trash.

Looking for results?

Look no further! At Madison+Main we produce nothing but results. If you want results, just hit the button, and we will be in touch shortly!