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Pinnacle Living

Web, Digital & Print Branding

Pinnacle Living is a not-for-profit, faith-inspired organization that operates five senior living communities across the commonwealth, with communities in Arlington, Williamsburg, Roanoke, and two in Richmond. With a person-centered approach to serving their residents, Pinnacle Living and its communities have served more than 70 years with a shared mission: Enriching Life’s Journey.

Founded in 1948 as United Methodist Homes, the organization underwent a rebrand to Pinnacle Living in 2017 in order to make clear they are welcoming of people from all faiths and walks of life. One reason Madison+Main was enlisted was to execute this rebranding across all five communities.

Pinnacle Living | Branding | Madison+Main Case Study

The challenge

Prior to 2020, Pinnacle Living allowed each community to manage the production of their own branded materials. They had brand guidelines, but they weren’t always followed. This often created inconsistencies in the look and feel of the promotional materials pushed out by each community. All five communities were actively promoting the rebrand from United Methodist Homes to Pinnacle Living, but the inconsistencies of the branding produced a challenge. Madison+Main was tasked with overseeing brand consistency across the communities to increase the perception of them all falling under the Pinnacle Living brand in order to increase awareness of the rebrand.

The approach

Madison+Main commenced the relationship by launching a multi-channel campaign centered around the “life’s journey” narrative referenced in Pinnacle Living’s tagline from the rebrand: Enriching Life’s Journey. This campaign was rolled out through a new TV spot, redesign of the community websites, and consistent design elements across print, digital, and social ads. Standards were created for how to utilize the branding in different settings, such as flipping the colors for newspaper print ads in order to improve legibility.

The results

The campaign was successful in establishing brand consistency across the communities. The brand standards have carried through to all promotional assets, even as new campaigns have launched. In just a matter of a couple of months, the promotional assets no longer clash between communities. The brand consistency has created a sense that all five communities belong together, while still allowing for each to highlight what makes their individual communities unique.

Pinnacle Living | Branding | Madison+Main Case Study Web
Pinnacle Living | Branding | Madison+Main Case Study Print

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